Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Philadelphia Eagles Defeat Dallas Cowboys Badly

My wife and I enjoyed a nice Christmas holiday with family members the past couple of days and part of that holiday get together was to cheer on the Dallas Cowboys to victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, yesterday. However, as everyone now knows, the Cowboys played terrible football and by the end of the game the Eagles won the game by a large margin. It is hard to be a loyal Dallas Cowboys’ fan because the team does not play consistent football from week to week. In the 2006 pre season, the Dallas Cowboys appeared to have everything under control and a winning season was theirs for the taking. However, as the regular season started, the team was plagued with many stupid penalties and all seem lost by the fifth game of the season.

Then coach Bill Parcells decided to make a change at the starting quarterback position and magically the whole season started to turn around and once again Dallas Cowboys’ fans, like myself, were excited and thinking about the possibility of watching our team in the Superbowl. I remember only a few short weeks ago when the Cowboys’ played the Indianapolis Colts and won that game when no one in the country thought they had a chance. After that Colts/Cowboys game, I felt like Dallas could play with the best teams in the league and had a real chance at a Superbowl birth later this year. After the Cowboys’ victory over the Colts, the entire Dallas team started playing football better than they had all season long. However after yesterday’s performance against the Eagles, I have begun to doubt the Cowboys Superbowl chances once again this year and I can’t figure out what is wrong with the team.

After coach Bill Parcells decided to move Tony Romo to the starting quarterback position a few weeks ago, I really thought that the Cowboys would play more as a team than ever before. Yes, the first few games the Dallas Cowboys played after Tony Romo was moved to starting quarterback position were fantastic, but the past few weeks it appears that the new is wearing off of this new Dallas quarterback and when things got tough, Romo did not get going. There is a world of difference between a good quarterback and a great one and that difference is seen during tough games like the Dallas/Philadelphia contest yesterday. When the Eagles starting taking control of the football game yesterday, Romo fell apart and started playing even worse than he did early in the game. This is why I am being to wonder if Romo is the real deal or just another average quarterback in the NFL?

Now the Cowboys will have a difficult time competing in the NFL playoffs because, after their loss yesterday to the Eagles, the Cowboys will be forced to play on the road throughout the playoffs. Also the team will be forced to play an additional “wildcard” game on the road just to progress to the next level. If the Cowboys team I watched yesterday is the real Dallas team, then I doubt if they will even win their first “wildcard” game. As I said earlier, it is tough to be a “true blue” Dallas Cowboys’ fan because of the team’s inconstant game play from week to week. Yesterday marked the end to a wonderful holiday weekend for me. However the poor team play on the field by members of the Dallas Cowboys team did cause my long Christmas weekend to end on a down note and I doubt that I am the only fan that felt that way.

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