Friday, December 22, 2006

Good And Bad Horse News In 2006

When I was writing the other day about my reflections of the year, 2006; I wanted so much to write about the subject of horses during that year, but it didn’t seem right to mix happy talk about horses with the terrible events of killing in Iraq. So here is another year in review that is about horses. I have written before that my wife has a deep affection for horses and every time a movie is released that has anything to do with these four legged creatures, we are lined up at the box office to see it before long. In 2006 there were two major motion pictures that featured horses as their main characters and we saw both of them.

The first movie was called “Dreamer” staring Dakota Fanning that was in theaters in the very early part of this year. In that movie, Kurt Russell played a man that was an employee of a hard noised horse trainer who didn’t care about the horses he raised. Instead this owner only wanted to win at all costs and if a horse was hurt in the process, his first choice was to destroy the horse rather than to seek medical treatment from a veterinarian. This is how a horse named; “Dreamer” came into the life of Kurt Russell and his young daughter played by Dakota Fanning. There were plenty of cheers and a few tears shed as we watched this horse movie and the ending of this movie really made my day.

The other horse movie we saw during 2006 was a movie called “Flicka”. In fact we only saw this one a few weeks ago. In “Flicka”, the movie setting was completely different from “Dreamer” because of the beautiful Wyoming ranch land. However like all movies about horses there is either some villain that wishes to destroy the animal or the horse suffers some life threatening injury that involves some evil character desiring to put the animal down. In the movie Flicka, there is also a father and a young girl as the main characters. The father, played by Tim McGraw is the owner of a beautiful Wyoming quarter horse ranch that is cash strapped because his daughter is attending a private school. In this movie, it is a mountain lion that places the horse in mortal danger followed by a father that has been taught that any suffering horse should be shot immediately, if it suffers a major injury.

While the first two examples in this story are about fictional horses in motion pictures; the last one is 100% real and the health and well being of a horse named, “Barbaro” was followed closely by millions of people around the world in 2006. Only a few people knew anything about Barbaro before the running of the 2006 Kentucky Derby, but within a few short weeks that name would be a household conversation in families around the world. In 2006, “Barbaro” won the Kentucky Derby in a runaway race that made horse lovers smile, but only two weeks later; Barbaro stumbled at the beginning of the Preakness Stakes and broke one of his hind legs in multiple locations. As millions of people on television watch in fear that Barbaro would be put down on the racetrack after his injuries, a new hero was born in the person of Barbaro’s owner when he decided to seek medical treatment for his beloved horse instead of a quick death.

Without a doubt there will be more horse movies in the year 2007 and my wife and I will be seeing them all. Let’s just hope that there is not another real life story like, Barbaro, because keeping emotions in check during a heartbreaking movie is one thing, but watching it play out on television news in real life is something else entirely.

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