Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Iraq War Failure - Troop Increase The Answer?

Information is starting to leak out of the White House that President Bush is leaning toward increasing troop levels, on a temporary basis, in Iraq in order to bring the out of control “civil war” situation in that country into some kind of manageable order. More than likely the “Bush Plan” will be similar to one being floated around Washington by Senator John McCain the past few weeks. While I do have high hopes that more troops will hasten a victory and removal of US troops from Iraq, it is difficult to believe that President Bush will make the right decision on what to do in that war torn country based on his previous track record.

President Bush is a hard-liner when it come to war and peace issues and his uncompromising attitude has caused mistakes to be made over and over again in Iraq since that counties government fell to US troop over three years ago. Americans have heard the call to, “stay the course” for years now and what results has the Bush Administration provided for this steady message? Not many, in my view and what is more disconcerting than the original message is that any new plan originating from the White House will be defended by the same type of PR machine as the last, failed, one was. President Bush receives advice for a variety of experts, but I have not seen him listen to anyone else and take their advice, except folks like VP Dick Cheney and other hard-line politicians that believe success will eventually be achieved, in Iraq, if the US just never backs down.

There comes a point in time for any person to come clean with the mistakes they have made and move on. However, I don’t think that the American people will see a day of reckoning, during the President George W. Bush term in office. I’m not a young person and have witnessed many different types of personalities as the President of the United States and I am stating here “on the record” that President Bush is the more ideologically driven and stubborn President of the United States in my lifetime. I was once one of the original folks who believed in the George W. Bush vision for America, long before, the 2000 presidential election which made him President. Like many other early followers I saw this man struggle, on the national political stage, to get his words right and his message across to the American people on television. I use to get a tense feeling in my back before President Bush had a news conference, in those early days, because almost every time he went before the press he messed up the English language terribly.

Then September 11th, 2001 happened and like all Americans I was looking for leadership, in my President, after that horrible day. While the actual day the terrorist attacks were taking place were not a shining moment in the President George W. Bush legacy, the following days got better. Even hard-core Democrats started to respect the Bush “tough talking” style when it came to getting even with the folks who commit this act of terrorism on the American people. President Bush seemed like a man with a plan during those days and his clear sighted vision for taking down Osama Bin Laden was something that all Americans approved of and supported 100%. Then President Bush decided to take the political capital he earned after 911 and use it to ram a War in Iraq down the throats of the American people. While President Bush was initially successful in getting his Iraqi War Plan, in the end that one decision will cloud how history reflects on our 43rd President of the United States.

In the past six months, the US Army has already tried moving additional troops into the Baghdad area with little improvement in the violence that is seen there almost every single day. In order to increase US military forces in Iraq the President will be required to break promises with members of the National Guard and their deployment policies. This action will make it more difficult for the Guard and regular Army to find young people who are willing to sign up and serve their country. President Bush is going to go “all or nothing” when it comes to the Iraqi War and I just don’t see how he comes out of this situation looking good with historians. Right now, all I see is a President of the United States, that I use to support, refusing to admit he made a mistake and his refusal to admit that mistake is costing the lives of thousands of US troops unnecessarily. I guess, in a way, I am just as responsible as President Bush because I not only supported his bid for President, but I also gave him my vote on two different occasions.

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Iraq War Failure

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