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Laura Barney And George Bush - Iraq War Stubbornness

During the 2006 election campaign for control of Congress, President Bush said that he would never back down in Iraq, even if the only people who supported his decision were his wife Laura, his dog Barney and himself. Well, the election is long since over and President Bush’s strategy in Iraq not only cost Republicans control in the US House of Representatives and Senate, but the good will of millions of American who believed in President Bush until he started acting strange when it came to pulling out US troops from Iraq, if the Iraqi government didn’t step up and take care of its own business. President Bush might get his wish about everyone abandoning him except his wife and dog because soon to be former Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, told President Bush on the eve on last months congressional elections that US policy in Iraq wasn’t working and a new plan needed to be developed in that war torn country.

I have watched with amazement as President Bush has driven his last term in office into the ground because of stubbornness, which has led to lack of public support for his administration and damaged any chance that history might remember his presidency in a positive way. No one likes a “flip flopper”, but people trust a demagogue even less. President Bush has refused to listen to anyone in or outside his administration that doesn’t follow his narrow minded view of military action in Iraq and I find it unlikely he is going to change at all during his next two years in office. I watched in total confusion when President Bush stated at a news conference last week that he would be happy to work with Democrats to improve condition in Iraq, if they don’t change his approach to the war.

That was an unbelievable statement to make and is mega arrogant considering President Bush’s strategy in Iraq has been a failure according to many analysts and a vast majority of the American people. Is President Bush living on some other planet? The down right stubbornness and lack of contrition, on Bush’s part, at mistakes made by his war planning team causes me to have greater concerns about what he might do in his next two years in office. Not only has he made it clear he doesn’t care what the American think when it comes to his War in Iraq, but he doesn’t want any real feedback on solving the problems, if those ideas don’t stick to the failed plan he has already implemented. Anyone who follows politics closely should be concerned when a President of the United States loses touch with reality.

The last time in American history when a President lost not only touch with the American people, but with the reality around him was Richard Nixon during his final days as President of the United States. People close to former President Nixon told stories of him walking around the halls of the White House, drunk as a skunk, late at night and talking the to portraits of former Presidents. It is one thing for a regular person to check out mentally on what is really going on in the world, but it could be a worldwide disaster if the President of the United States considers his opinion superior to everyone else in the world and makes decisions which no one else approves of.

I certainly hope I am over reacting to these actions I am seeing and hearing from President Bush on the evening news. However, if he has decided to continue to ignore everyone in the world except himself, his wife and his dog then eventually the US Congress will have to consider his fitness to remain in office. I know future Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has said that Democrats will not try to impeach President Bush when they take office next year. However, if President Bush doesn’t start making decisions which are in the best interest of the United States, maybe they should not completely rule out the option of impeachment, even if that opinion is only a threat to make sure President Bush doesn’t go off the deep end and start making choices which could hurt the long term security interests of the United States.

What I can’t figure out is whether President Bush’s advisors are not leading him in the same direction as the American people or if they are trying to lead him and hitting a brick wall when it comes to his decision making process? Either way, President Bush is moving his administration into a potential disaster zone not only with the American people but with new members of the Democratic and Republican Party’s in Washington DC. When the Baker report comes out next week, it will be interesting to see if President Bush embraces the ideas set forward in that report or will he decide to go it alone and follow his own thinking when it comes to competing the mission of the War in Iraq? If President Bush listens politely and implements few or none of this commissions recommendations, that action on the President’s part should speak volumes to the incoming Democratic Members of Congress and the American people.

I am beginning to wonder if George W. Bush is capable of changing his mind when he makes a mistake? If he can’t do that one simple thing, then this country is in for a world of hurt the next two years and the lives of brave US service men and women will continue to be lost in a War in Iraq which will never be won in the traditional sense of the word. This open ended US plan to let the Iraqi government come along at its own pace is not wise and should have never found its way into the administrations planning of how to handle Iraq after Saddam fell. Everyone in the US lives under some kind of a deadline or timetable, so why is it so wrong for the American people to expect the same from the government of Iraq?

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