Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Year Reflections - Hoping For A Better Year

I remember writing one year ago as 2005 was drawing to a close about how bad that year was for many people and expressing my hope that 2006 would turn out to be a better year. Like always, the New Year was kinder to some folks than others and the big winners in 2006 were the very rich as the US stock market hit new highs, but their improving stock portfolios were hurt somewhat by the bottoming out of the US real estate market. Other big 2006 winners included members of the Democratic Party who saw their political fortunes grow dramatically when they won back control over both chambers of Congress.

The losers in 2006 are much easier to find because of their sheer numbers. The people of Iraq and US troops that are serving there must be at the top of the list of people that came out on the short end of the stick in 2006. Everyday, there are new reports coming out of Iraq showing how far that nation has drifted into civil war. However, there appears to be no end to the killing in sight and just like most civil wars, the only way the fighting will come to an end is when both sides become tired of killing each other. US troops are caught in the middle of this sectarian civil war which means they are in a no win situation at the present time. Now President Bush wants to send even more troops to this war torn country after the first of the year.

Other Americans that did not have a good year were the working poor and the middle class. There is a trend forming in the United States and other industrialized nations and that trend involves large corporations laying off long term workers and shipping their jobs to other counties where employees are willing to do the same work for much lower wages. This new corporate trend is creating huge wealth for the very few people at the top of the income chain in the United States. However, this type of thinking will doom the future of the US if something is not done to curb the sheer numbers of US jobs that are being lost every single day. I many ways, the wealthiest Americans are jeopardizing their own future and that of their children by taking this “get rich quick” approach to American business.

From my own personal experience, 2006 was a better year than 2005, but not by much. However, when I look at the tragedies that US troops are faced within Iraq on a regular basis, my problems look tame in comparison. Also, I have a job and that means I am much better off than millions of other people that have been laid off and are still looking for employment during the holiday season. One thing I have learned is that no matter how bad my personal situation might be in life, I do not need to look far to find someone else that is having a tougher time than myself. As the New Year approaches, millions of people will be hoping for a better year in 2007 and I will count myself into that group of people. There are real problems facing millions of Americans and I certainly hope that our elected leaders in Washington DC decide to start taking action to correct some of these problems, instead of just burying their heads in the sand, again, in 2007.

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New Year Reflections

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