Wednesday, December 27, 2006

President Gerald Ford Dead - Nixon's Vice President

It was sad news tonight when I read on the Internet that former President Gerald Ford had died. President Ford had suffered from several different illnesses over the past couple of years, but every time he seem to always bounce back to health within a few days or weeks. However, this time his body gave out and God called him home. When Gerald Ford assumed the office of President of the United States I was just a young boy. President Richard Nixon resigned the office of President after a scandal called “Watergate” proved that he was behind illegal activities like breaking into the offices of his political opponents to spy on their political plans. Gerald Ford was the Vice-President of the United States when Richard Nixon resigned.

When Gerald Ford took over the job of President of the United States after the resignation of President Nixon, the United States was completely torn apart from months of Congressional investigations that were leading to the certain impeachment of Richard Nixon if he did not resign as President. Former President Ford was never elected to the office of Vice-President or President either for that matter. He was appointed Vice-President of the United States after Nixon’s VP was forced to resign himself after he was discovered to be involved in illegal activities as well. Even though the American people never elected President Ford, most Americans thought he did a great job in trying to bring credibility back to the office of the President of the United States after President Nixon destroyed it.

Over his months in office, President Ford was known to have a difficult time staying on his feet when going up and down stairs. There was one famous television news shot showing President Gerald Ford falling down the stairs of Air Force One when he was departing the plane and there were several other occasions when Gerald Ford was photographed falling down. These falling situations made many in the national news media paint President Ford as an unbalanced man and that image stuck with the former President long after he left office in the late 1970’s. During this period of time, “Saturday Night Live” was a very popular weekly television show on NBC and countless skits were done that made President Ford look like a stumbling fool that could not put one foot in front of the other without falling.

During the Presidency of Gerald R. Ford, he also made news when he decided that a new type of flu called “swine flu” could cause a worldwide disaster. Upon learning this news, President Ford decided to have the entire population of the United States vaccinated against this strain of flu. While President Ford’s heart was in the right place, it turned out that more people became sick and/or died from the vaccine than actually died from exposure to bird-flu. That example is why the US government will most certainly hesitate in forcing millions of Americans to take a “bird-flu” vaccine if and when one is developed. President Ford turned out to be the oldest living President of the United States before his death late yesterday. While some people will never forgive his decision to pardon Richard Nixon, overall President Ford was a good and decent man who served the American people well in his short tenure as the President of the United States.

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President Ford Dead

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