Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Freedom Tower Takes Shape At Ground Zero

In New York City, the new “Freedom Tower” is starting to rise near the footprints of the former Twin Towers that were destroyed on September 11th, 2001. For the past five years, politicians and regular Americans have debated over what type of building or memorial should be erected on this site after terrorist hijacked commercial jets and crashed them into these huge buildings on 9/11. The final decision on what to do at the World Trade Center site involved building a new single tower along with other buildings on this prime piece of New York City real estate. At the same time, a memorial park in memory of the people who lost their lives on that fateful day would also be built.

I am personally surprised that city and state leaders were able to reach consensus with the family members of those that were killed during these attacks, but the new Freedom Tower idea does seem to have more support than many other ideas that were proposed since 2001. Some people wanted to reconstruct the World Trade Center Towers exactly the way they looked before 9/11, but that idea would most certainly cause the terrorist, who destroyed them, to once again try and take them down. Over the next few years, the new Freedom Tower will begin to take shape and fill the land that once held the Twin Tower buildings. It will be difficult, for me, to see a new building rising in the New York City skyline at the same location as the old Twin Towers. However, life must go on even if many people are still angry and devastated at what took place in the United States on 9/11.

The whole idea of terrorism is to spread a message of fear to people who have never personally done harm to the terrorists. In a twisted sort of way, terrorists believe that the only way to get people to believe in their cause is to scare them into following. Anyone with an ounce of common sense realizes that this type of thinking does not and never has worked successfully. However, that does not stop terrorist from continuing to use the murder of innocent people to try and force others to follow their ideology. On September 11th, 2001 the American people received a “wake up call” that people, we don’t even know, are willing to die in an effort to change our way of life. Like most Americans, before 9/11, I thought the violence that was seen on television news was so far away that it would never effect my family. I was wrong and now terrorism is something we all think about as we travel around the country either for business or pleasure.

As the new “Freedom Tower” begins to take shape over the next few years, there will be much reflection on the two buildings that once stood on this now “hollowed ground” in Manhattan. As this new tower begins to rise over the NYC skyline, there will be moments of happiness and sadness as people watch this new structure take its place in history. When I think about the new Freedom Tower I can’t help but believe it will never be respected and loved as much as the former World Trade Center Towers. The old saying, “a tough act to follow” keeps drifting into my mind and I do believe it will be tough for my generation of Americans to ever look at this new building without thinking about the two buildings that once stood on this same track of land. Time will eventually heal the wound of 9/11 for most people as more current and pressing problems take their place in our minds. However, there will be some of us who will take to our grave exactly where we were and what we were doing on that terrible September morning when we first heard the news that the World Trade Center Towers were destroyed by terrorists.

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