Saturday, January 13, 2007

Local Immigration Laws Considered - Farmers Branch Texas

During the workweek I find myself listening to a radio talk show out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area on KRLD. This talk show is hosted by a couple of smart guys by the names of Ernie and Jay. Last week, their big topic of discussion was illegal immigration because a major suburb in the DFW area, Farmers Branch, is about to hold an election on a new city ordnance, that if passed, would require owners of businesses and apartments to check the legal status of employees and tenants before they hire or rent to them.

I have read about other cities across the country that have passed similar laws and until the US Congress and President Bush face up to their responsibilities these types of city laws will continue to be passed. My personal opinion is that immigration should not be handled at the local or even the state level. The Congress of the United States should make immigration policy, but no one at the federal government level desires to find workable solutions to this national problem. The American people are looking for leaders to step up and do the right thing on immigration, but neither major political party is willing to take the political risk to do the right thing.

Like most other major issues that face the people of the United States, large groups of people have divided up into two camps of opinion. One group desires to build a fence across 700 miles of open border with Mexico and round up millions of people for deportation back to Mexico. The other group of people wants to reward immigrants that have broken US laws and give them citizenship in some kind of blanket amnesty program. The real truth about both sides of this debate is that neither extreme will work and/or has a chance of passing into law in the current Washington DC political climate.

In what once was considered a positive aspect to the United States, immigrants desiring to make America their home; has now turned into a disaster because there is no workable process for people that desire a better way of life to earn the right to become US citizens. Now days, millions of people, mainly from Mexico, are streaming across the US border because of the lack of border control and because even poor paying jobs in the United States are better than some of the best paying jobs in Mexico. The US is still the land of opportunity and without major changes at the US border, with Mexico, people will continue to enter the US illegally with the hope of providing a better financial future for their families.

While listening to some of the callers to the Ernie and Jay radio program this past week, it became clear to me that racism is the main reason why some people oppose immigration whether it be legal or not. In some ways, people in the United States are just as racist as they have always been. However, with new laws and workplace rules of conduct, people who have racist feelings in their soul have learned to cover-up those real feelings and find other outlets to work against people that have a different skin color from their own. The real problem of illegal immigration from Mexico is allowing people that hate Latinos because of their skin color to express their racism in a way that is politically correct in today’s society.

I really don’t see changes being made anytime soon in Washington DC to address the problems of illegal immigration to the United States. So more cities across the country will follow the wrong headed example of Farmers Branch, Texas and pass laws that will be over reaching and eventually struck down by the US Supreme Court. The vast majority of Americans want the US federal government to make changes to US immigration policy that will stop the flow of millions of undocumented workers from crossing into the United States. Then create a real system where people from all nations will be able to legally immigrate to the United States in an orderly way. One hundred years ago, the United States had an immigration policy that worked well when millions of Europeans immigrated to the United States. While the same policy would not work in modern America, the current system is badly broken and is in need of serious repair.

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Local Immigration Laws

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