Sunday, February 11, 2007

Anna’s Tragic Life - Smith Dies In Florida Hotel Room

As I was performing my daily duties last week, I heard a report on the radio that Anna Nicole Smith had collapsed, been rushed to a hospital and then died. Whether my thoughts about her death are correct or not will be proven right or wrong over time, but one fact will not change and that fact is that Anna Nicole Smith lead a very unconventional life during her 39 years on this Earth. Even though I never personally knew Anna Nicole, she did live in Mexia, Texas in her younger years, which is only forty miles away from my hometown of Waco.

From listening to the coverage of Anna Nicole’s death first on the radio and then later on television I compared, in my mind, the coverage of this event to the death of a sitting President. In some ways the major news media and not just the tabloids went out of their way to offer up live news coverage of Anna Nicole’s death in a fast paced and non-stop manner. While the news coverage I listened to on the radio was based more around the facts, the cable television coverage was already turning into pure speculation within a matter of hours after her death.

On Friday a Florida Coroner announced that the results of his autopsy did not show any signs of foul play, but a complete picture of what caused Anna Nicole’s death will not be known until toxicology results are finalized in about one month. At this early date it does seem logical that Anna’s death will have something to do with drug abuse and/or suicide, but I am old enough to know that many times evidence will prove conventional wisdom completely wrong. It is sad when any person this young dies in such a sudden and unexpected way.

In Anna Nicole’s short 39 years of life she seemed to go through her daily activities free from any kind of boundaries. This type of lifestyle is fantasized about in the hearts of many people, but the reality of consequences discourages most people from living in such a caviler manner. While millions of people see their own life as boring and unimportant, in comparison to the many problems and early death of Anna Nicole Smith their lives now may have new importance and meaning. In my opinion Anna Nicole Smith was only acting the part of a happy human being. Down deep inside her heart was certainly troubled with problems that were created by her own hand because she made a choice to live a life free from reasonable boundaries.
Anna’s Tragic Life

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