Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bush Poll Numbers Approach Richard Nixon's All Time Low

In recent days, new national public opinion polls have placed the approval rating of President George W. Bush around the same level as Richard Nixon at the height of the Watergate scandal. While Bush and Nixon are worlds apart in the political ideology and leadership skills, both men suffer from a stubbornness streak that wears on the American people over time. President Bush lost the faith of the American people when he made statements in the lead up to the Iraqi war that were incorrect. It is possible that the intelligence community did mislead President Bush in their pre war assessments, but most Americans believe that Bush took poor intelligence information and formed it in a way that supported his war decision.

I believe President Bush makes political and military decision based on his Christian beliefs rather than with the facts at hand. Right now the world is facing an ideology challenge from two competing extremist factions and everyone is in danger because the people in charge are not using common sense in their decision making process. On one side there is President Bush who is a conservative Christian that believes in the good versus evil proclamations of the Holy Bible. On the other hand the world is faced with Muslim extremist that believe Christians and Jews are evil and they encourage the destruction of people with such beliefs as their top priority. Somewhere in the middle of these two extremes are the vast majority of world’s population.

A few years ago, someone in the Democratic Party was making reference to President Bush when they said he was the worst President in US history. At the time major pundits and reports laughed at that suggestion and went on their merry way. Now, with the aid of 20/20 hindsight it might just be possible that President Bush will be remembered as the worst President in US history. His stubborn refusal to accept responsibility for getting the United States into a no win war and causing the needless deaths of thousands of US military personnel could be the catalyst of that perception. The American people have turned negative on President Bush the past couple of years and in recent months the President has even lost his base supporters when it comes to the War in Iraq.

Last week, the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) pointed out the problems in Iraq and called the situation there worst than a civil war. This bleak assessment of the real situation on the ground in Iraq was met with even more positive spin from the White House. What has happened in Iraq should be a good lesson all future President’s should study when they consider the use US military power to overturn a government that did not attack the US first. No one desires to have another person’s will imposed on his or her country. The arrogant belief that US soldiers would be greeted as liberators in Iraq turned out to be the biggest mistake Bush administration officials made in pre war planning. Now the US finds itself in a no win situation because lessons from history were not followed when the decision to invade Iraq was made.

Will President Bush be remembered in history as the worst President? Only time will answer that questions and there is still time for President Bush to regain at least some of his lost support with the American people. However, I doubt there will be any change in the attitude of President Bush and hundreds of additional US troops will die in a futile attempt to win a civil war in Iraq that was started by the US invasion.

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