Sunday, February 04, 2007

Local Communities Pass City Pitbull Laws

An increasing number of cities are passing laws in regards to Pitbull dogs. Hardly a week goes by that a child is not injured or killed by this breed of animal and while it is easy to blame the dog owners for these attacks, I believe there is something instinctually wrong with this breed of dog. Over the years, people have learned how to genetically breed dogs in a way to get a wanted result. Most likely this messing with nature technique somehow went wrong when it comes to the Pitbull breed of K9. I know that many of you reading this will disagree with my observations about Pitbull’s because you own one of these dogs and your dog has never attacked anyone. However, evidence is growing that there is something inside the genetic makeup of Pitbull’s that causes them snap and attack young children without warning.

Every dog whether Pitbull breed or not has it’s own personality traits that either come naturally or are breed into the animal before birth. I own a Rat Terrier and as most folks know this breed of dog is usually very hyperactive with strong instincts to run and hunt. However, my Rat Terrier is the most laid back dog in the world. However, when I activate certain triggers or other events happen, natural instincts do kick in. When these natural instincts kick in her whole demeanor changes in a heartbeat. This is what I believe happens most of the time when Pitbull’s attack young kids. Something triggers a natural response from their breeding and in that split second a loving dog changes into a vicious killing machine.

Major cities are now looking into new laws that restrict ownership of Pitbull’s and/or ban their presence within the city limits entirely. While an outright ban on a breed of dog is excessive, something must be done to prevent Pitbull’s from attacking young children. Most Pitbull owners believe that the only reason some Pitbull’s attack people is because they were trained to do so by careless owners. However, as I stated before I believe there is more to this problem than just careless Pitbull owners. Dog instincts are woven inside the genetic code of K9’s and there is nothing man can do to control these instincts that raise their ugly heads at the worst possible time.

There are two types of people in this world. People who love dogs and people that do not. Even President Bush has a dog-named Barney like most other President’s of the United States have done. My wife and I are definite dog lovers and we have owned one or more dogs throughout our 20 years of marriage. Different breeds of dogs are used to help the blind live more independent lives and some dogs help law enforcement in tracking criminals and in the search for illegal drugs and bombs. Man, through a specialized breeding process, has created most of the popular breeds of dogs, today. While most of the time this genetic process creates beautiful K9’s with good personalities, every now and then something doesn’t work out right and a breed of dog is created that should never be allowed around young children.

I believe this to be the case for Pitbull’s and just like anti smoking laws are growing in popularity around the United States, anti Pitbull laws cannot be that far behind.

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City Pitbull Laws

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