Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oscar Night Shows Narcissism Hollywood Style

In a land called Hollywood, there are popular movies most people enjoy watching and then there are quality movies that only the elite consider as great because of their superior intellect. While this attitude is present 365 days per year, Oscar night is the worst and once again in 2007 Hollywood returned to the Kodak Theater to award Oscars to movies the public, for the most part, had shunned. Although most people will never see movies that win Academy Awards, almost one billion people, worldwide, do tune into watch the annual Oscar bash. Some people enjoyed tuning into see what their favorite actor or actress is wearing while others enjoy watching the facial expressions of the rich and famous when they find out if they won or lost an award.

I enjoy visiting our local dollar theater on the weekends and in recent years most new release movies are showing up at discount theaters within a month of their first release. This occurs because either the movie flops within days of its release or there are a bunch of new movies competing for available screen space. I personally thought 2006 was a good year for movies with a wide variety of decent flicks available to watch on most weekends. Some of my favorites included “MI:III”, “Devil Wears Prada”, “Click” and “RV”. For me, attending a weekend movie is more fun during the summer months because here in Texas the outside temperatures get really hot during June, July and August and a cool movie theater is an appealing break from the outside heat.

On Oscar night, 2006, Jon Stewart hosted the awards show and while most people thought he did a good job, I did not feel the same way. After reflection I believe I was expecting more from Jon Stewart because his show on Comedy Central is so funny my expectations going into the 2006 Academy Awards were just too high. Also, I believe it was a mistake to have a political comedian host the Academy Awards in an election year because people with strong political beliefs will be offended by almost any type of comment a comedian makes while the political debate is already at the boiling point. It also could be that Jon Stewart has found his best platform for his type of comedy on Comedy Central five nights per week. Just like in the days before television, some sure-fire radio stars could never make the transition from radio to the new medium of television, either.

Elite’s inside Hollywood are always trying to find movies that appeal to there inter soul that usually revolves around liberal political beliefs. In 2006 the odds on favorite to win the Oscar for best pictures was a movie called, “Broke Back Mountain”. I have not seen this movie and most likely never will because the subject matter of the movie is something I did not consider as good entertainment. To me, the whole idea of the movie “Broke Back Mountain” was to try and impose Hollywood values and beliefs on everyone else. In the end, “Broke Back Mountain” did not win the Oscar for best picture. The movie that did win, “Crash” was also a Hollywood insider movie about the problem of racism in the United States. I did finally rent “Crash” on DVD and I enjoyed this movie very much because it talked about a serious issue in a funny way that made me think about racism from several different points of view.

Movie remakes seem to be the best ideas of the day when it comes to new movies made in Hollywood. Last year we saw movie remakes of popular television shows like “The Dukes of Hazard” and even another movie in the “Rocky” series called “Rocky Balboa”. Most of the time I hate these movie remakes because the copy usually isn’t as good as the original and most of the time Hollywood remakes popular television shows and old movies because there is less risk of failure when a proven idea is recreated once again. However, the whole idea of movies is based on taking risks and hopefully in future years the writers and directors on the west coast will get back to making more original movies that espouse the views and values of most Americans.

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Narcissism Hollywood Style

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