Monday, February 26, 2007

Making Right Food Choices - Fast Food Improving

As worldwide populations continues to live longer, most of us have decided that if we are going to be alive on this Earth for possibility several extra decades, we would like to live healthier lives. So millions of people sit down at their computer screens and search the Internet for healthier diets to extend not only their physical strength but their mental capacity as well. For hundreds of years, mankind has known that breakfast is the best meal of the day and modern day capitalism is catching up quickly with most international restaurant chains offering breakfast at their locations. Even the largest restaurant chain in the world, McDonalds, will soon offer their breakfast menu 24/7 in most of their locations.

Of course, McDonalds, being the largest restaurant chain in the world; they have suffered their fair share of food controversies. Over the years, food crazies have tried to force populations into eating healthier by forcing restaurants chains to prepare their foods in different ways by using healthier oils and the reduction of trans fats from their food preparation processes. There is no doubt that trans fats are a bad thing that should be removed from all food processing; it is just the way the (food police) have tried to mandate this change that makes me upset. Most people know the food process at McDonalds is not healthy for them, but they eat there anyway because they like the taste of the food.

Another area where I get angry at the, so-called, food police are in the public school systems. The extremists are trying to force children to eat healthier by removing soda and candy machines from school campuses. Yes, we should all care about what our children put in their bodies, but most Americans feel very uncomfortable when crazy left wing groups decide what is best for not only themselves, but for everyone else as well. I am a big believer in teaching people what is best and then letting them make their own choice as to what is the right course of action. Too many times, special interest groups and government get together and decide what is best for everyone else and then mandate change on a population that is sick of government interference.

In my own personal life I have decided to make some moderate changes that I hope will help my health not only today, but also in the years to come. One of these changes is to eat a handful of Walnuts every single day. After months of researching healthy foods on the Internet, I now believe that Walnuts could be nature’s perfect food. Not only does this nut have high fiber content while at the same time tasting great, but it is loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids that are proven to extend life and reduce the risk of some types of heart disease. For most of my life I have been a big red meat eater and for most of my life I have struggled to maintain a healthy body weight. My hope is that over the next few years I will be able to substitute Walnuts for most of the red meat I usually eat and hopefully my health and weight issue will return to normal.

While vitamin supplements are certainly no cure all for a human being, I personally don’t think there is any harm in take a multivitamin once per day as an insurance policy against not getting the RDA of what my body needs in the way of vitamins and/or minerals. If we baby boomers are going to live decades longer than our parents and grandparents, maybe we need to start figuring out ways early on to not only extend the time frame of our existence, but the quality of our lives as well?

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Right Food Choices