Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rudy Giuliani Takes Lead In Nationwide Poll

In a poll released today, former New York City major, Rudy Giuliani took a commanding lead among all potential candidates in the race for President of the United States. Even with Giuliani’s liberal views on social issues, most Republicans like his approach to leading the United States in a post 911 world. To be honest, I would have preferred to see Rudy Giuliani run for the White House as an independent candidate because there will be some groups on the extreme right that will do anything in their power to keep him from getting the Republican nomination.

The American people spoke loud and clear last November when they turned both Chambers of Congress from Republican hands to the Democrats. The main reason this was done is because the American people lost faith in President Bush and his war policies in Iraq. The other main contender for the Republican nomination for President is Senator John McCain from Arizona. In 2000, Senator McCain tried to win the Republican nomination as a maverick politician fighting an establishment type of guy named George W. Bush. McCain failed in 2000, so he decided to change his approach entirely and try and run as the best friend of ultra conservative voters. This decision on the part of McCain drove most moderates away, while at the same time making conservative voters trust him even less.

While Rudy Giuliani does support the War in Iraq, his approach to world issues is different than John McCain. McCain decided months ago to lock himself to President Bush’s war decisions. Now that public support has gone south for President Bush, John McCain is being dragged down right along with the President. If Rudy Giuliani can win the nomination for President in a very conservative Republican Party he should be unbeatable in the general election. His most likely competition for the job of President of the United States is Hillary Clinton, but her campaign seems to be struggling against the unlikely candidacy of Bark Obama.

Polls conducted in February of 2007 will mean nothing come November of 2008. However, they do give all of us some insight into the thinking of the American people right now and the types of candidates they would like to see lead our country once President Bush’s term ends in early 2009. A decade ago, Rudy Giuliani would not have even been considered for the Republican nomination for President because he is a liberal and a man of questionable moral values. However, everything seems to have changed since September 11th, 2001 and the American people seem to be less narrow minded about moral failings than they were in previous elections.

I personally like the approach Rudy Giuliani takes when in comes to the protection of the United States from foreign enemies and his moderate to liberal stance on domestic issues is a plus in my opinion as well. I am so tired of all liberals being anti-war and pro abortion, while all conservatives are pro war and anti abortion. Extremist have been running the United States government for too long and there is a real chance that a President Giuliani could give a voice to the majority of Americans that are not driven by either ideological side on most important issues.

Rudy might be a great President of the United States and it is looking more likely every day that the American people might just give him that chance.

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Rudy Takes Lead

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