Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spare Tire Waistline - Food Police To The Rescue?

Sometimes I look down at my spare tire waistline and have memories of an earlier time in my life when it wasn’t there. I know millions of Americans do exactly the same thing because the weight loss industry earns billions of dollars every single year. I believe that most diets fail to work over the long run, but all of them are successful in the short term and that is what leads to many of the weight problems in the world today.

Special interest groups or as I refer to them, as the “food police”, seem to be everywhere these days. What really angers me is when these “know it all groups” decide to attack kids that are overweight with their extremist rhetoric. In addition to attacking children for being overweight, many of these groups take their message a step further and hint at bad parenting as a possible cause of obesity in children. I have learned to just ignore these kinds of groups and I wish the major news media would do the same thing. The real goal of food police organizations is to raise more money from government to further expand their control over what the American people eat.

If something old can be reborn into something new with profit potential, marketers in the United States will find a way to do it. In recent years, I have seen brochures from travel agencies promoting something called weight loss vacations to various exotic locations around the world. Call me old fashion, but when I take a vacation; losing weight is not the first thing on my list of priorities. However, thousands of people sign up for these weight loss vacations every year and as I am fond of saying, “to each his own”.

Just like the type of car a person picks to drive, the kind of diet they chose for weight loss also reveals their personality and attitudes about life. Some people decide that only their own weight loss ideas will work, so many of these people will go on restricted calorie diets in a, go it along, approach that can be successful in the short term. Other people decide to take a more group approach to weight loss and many of these types of people prefer a program that instructs them into exactly what food to put into their mouth each day and some allow them to be lectured by others into losing weight.

Some people wake up every year or so, look in the mirror and begin to panic at the amount of weight they have gained over time. Most of these weight panic attacks seem to happen around the end of each year after a couple of months of heavy holiday eating. Diet programs know that millions of people will suffer these weight loss panic attacks around New Years Day and they plan multimillion dollar advertising campaigns around this natural trend. My guess is that 99.9% of people that decide to lose weight by dieting on New Years Day will fail to lose weight over that calendar year.

While there is no current reliable medical science to validate my thoughts about this issue, here they are just for public debate. I believe modern day people are caught in a genetic loop from the past that will be fixed by nature over the next few generations. Only a few short decades ago, mankind was involved in very physical labor types of jobs. In recent years, most people have given up hard labor jobs in favor of easier labor working in front of a computer or in an office type of environment. I believe the genetic make up of modern man is still tilted toward the days of harder labor, which required more calories for daily duties. Over the next few generations, the natural evolution of mankind will automatically make changes to the genetic code and future children will desire less calories to reflect the fast changes that have been seen in more recent times.

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Spare Tire Waistline

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