Saturday, March 17, 2007

Conservatives Urge President Bush To Fight Back

Most politicians never sink below 30 to 35% in public opinion polls because the political base of their party is very reluctant to abandon a fellow member. However, in the final two years of the presidency of George W. Bush there might be a total and complete meltdown in political support of his presidency because, on the street, I am hearing even staunch supporters of George W. Bush starting to waver in their support of the President. There are many different reasons why a political party’s base will abandon the party leader and President George W. Bush’s father was the last to see enter party erosion of this political poll numbers.

The first President Bush lost support of base Republican voters because he lied to them with his “no new taxes pledge” at the GOP convention. There are very few things that will cause the party faithful in the GOP to abandon their leader quicker than an outright lie to the base. Another recent President that lost the faith of his political base was Richard Nixon when he got caught up in the “Watergate” scandal back in the 1970’s. The reason President Nixon was shunned by his own party faithful had less to do with the crimes he committed and much more to do with the cover-up and the lies that followed as he tried to sliver out of personal responsibly in the whole Watergate fiasco.

Yesterday, Donald Trump joined hundreds of others around the country in calling President George W. Bush the worst president in US history. I am starting to hear comments like Trump’s from other regular Republicans as well and if President Bush doesn’t do something soon to improve his image with the GOP based he is in real danger of going down in history as one of the worst President’s of the United States in the history of this country. What could be the catalyst for the final plunge in public support for President Bush is the whole “trumped up” scandal revolving around fired US Attorneys. In a move the still surprises me, President Bush is sounding like a guilty man when it comes to these legal firings instead of defending his constitutional right to fire these government employees at will. The political base of the Republican Party is confused and angry that President Bush is acting like a lamb, instead of a tiger when it comes to his powers as President of the United States.

If President Bush does not stand up and start fighting for what is right in the United States, soon, he will lose the support of the 20 to 25% percent of hard-core conservative Republican voters. If and when that happens his political poll numbers will drop like a rock and he could very likely go down in history as the worst US president. If this happens it will indeed be a sad story in future history books as both he and his father both squander public approval ratings in the 90% range and ended their political careers with the American people desiring to see them leave office sooner rather than later.

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