Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fox News Removed From Democrats Nevada Debate

Last week liberal extremist in the Democratic Party were successful in stopping Fox News from participating in an upcoming Nevada debate featuring that party’s candidates for President of the United States in 2008. The first candidate to openly question the wisdom of having Fox News participate in a Democratic Party debate was John Edwards. Both Democrats and Republicans must deal with a small percentage of party faithful that are what I call 100% folks. These are the true believers either in liberalism or conservatism and they do not want to deal with anyone that does not share their religious zeal when in comes to politics.

Everyone knows that Fox News slants far right in their coverage of political debate, but doesn’t it make sense to try and reach out to new voters in a new forum if you really want to see public changes that will effect a political issue? That type of openness makes sense to me, but I’m not a true believer in either the far right or left in US politics. The problem with these extremist true believers is that they have no desire to reach compromise with their opponents and also they have no desire to even hear what the other side has to say about the issues of the day. Extremist desire to force their ideology down the throats of others with a stick rather than trying to bring people along with reasonable debate.

The Democratic Party has a huge problem with far left activist because this small minority of voters carries considerable weight in early primary contests, but their political views will turn off almost all-mainstream voters. The Republican Party has the same problem with extremist social conservative voters as well and it is a careful balancing act for both major party candidates because what works in early primaries will certainly lead to defeat in a general election. This early sell out by Democratic candidates to the far left extreme of the party will come back to haunt them down the road because at some future date and time conservative outlets like Fox News will be needed by the Democratic Party to reach middle of the road Republicans that might switch candidates as the general election draws closer.

I am on record here promoting the idea of another political party in the United States that appeals to moderate voters from both the Democratic and Republican Party’s. Moderation is lost in both major US political party’s right now, so millions of people are not served by the two candidates that eventually compete for this nations highest office. There is a good chance that in 2008, Rudy Giuliani will win the Republican nomination for President and I have great hope that if Rudy does indeed win, he will lead the United States in the same way he lead New York City. A good balance of a tough stand on lawlessness and terrorism with a more liberal approach to social issues might just be a winning formula in 2008 and could pave a new road to a return to moderate politics in the United States.

Democratic Party leaders in Nevada made a huge mistake in removing Fox News from their upcoming debate. This decision was made on raw emotion and not intellect and just like most other emotional decisions, time will prove what a mistake it was to snub Fox News just because that networks political opinions were not in line with some extreme leftist in the Democratic Party.

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