Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hate Tax Increases From Both State/Federal Government

Just about everyone in the United States hates the idea of his or her taxes going up and I am no exception to that rule. However, there are times when taxes need to be increased and one of those times is drawing closer with each passing day. Soon, millions of baby boomers are going to start retiring and shortly thereafter tremendous stresses will be put on the Social Security and Medicare system. This whole problem revolves around the number of people receiving benefits versus the number of people paying into the system. This is the reason why so many states like Texas are looking for new ways to raise money without increasing income and/or property taxes. In recent months, Texas and other states have imposed huge tax increases on cigarettes and alcohol and further increases are likely to be seen in upcoming years. Even with property taxes at record levels, the State of Texas and others are not collecting enough money to meet their current and future needs. It is not difficult to see where this whole fiscal situation is headed because common sense and a close reading of history will help lead the way. What will soon happen in state capitals around the country and in Washington DC will be a tax payer revolt as government further tries to expand its control over the lives of its citizens with well meaning but ineffective additional social programs.

Another issue that just “burns me up” is corrupt government contractors that rip each and everyone of us off when they under bid their contracts and then double and sometimes triple bill the government for there work. This kind of corruption goes on every day, but it was even worse when hundreds of companies placed bids on rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and just took the money and ran instead of doing the work. At one time, being a Republican stood for lower taxes and smaller government, but in recent years it has become harder to tell the difference between Republicans and Democrats in Washington. Both major political party’s have become blinded by special interest groups and many leaders have decided to put there own interest ahead of the citizens they swore to serve. The ever-increasing problem of raising taxes on alcohol and cigarettes is just the latest way Republicans can say that they are for lower taxes, but not really mean it. As long as politicians can raise taxes on certain items that doesn’t effect a majority of their base voters, these same politicians are able to look into the TV camera and say, with a straight face, that they did not increase taxes on people. This is such a fraud.

In a world where politicians know that the voters want lower taxes, these same politicians must find new ways to raise revenue while at the same time convincing voters that they are also against increasing taxes. No one product is as extensively taxed as cigarettes and to make matters worse, government officials have decided to denigrate smokers while at the same time taking their money in the form of taxes to support other pet projects. I firmly believe that most state governments would go into bankruptcy if tomorrow everyone that now smokes cigarettes suddenly decided to quit smoking all at one time. In reality, state governments need a certain number of their citizens to smoke in order to pay for government programs. However, what is currently happening is that state governments are encouraging their citizens to stop smoking, but deep down inside they are praying that they don’t do so. As April 15th approaches, all Americans that owe money to the IRS will be thinking about what they are getting for the taxes they are paying to the federal government. If the American taxpayers would think about the money they are paying the government everyday, instead of just one day per year, maybe our elected official would take the time to budget and raise tax money in a better way than they are currently doing.

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Hate Tax Increases

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