Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stuck In Iraq - Bush Poll Numbers Continue To Fall

If any casual observer still had doubts about how low the publics trust and confidence has dropped for President Bush they only need to look at the latest poll numbers released this morning by CNN about the War in Iraq. For the first time in my memory more people want the US Congress to run the US war effort in Iraq than the President of the United States. Of course, if the American people are upset with how the War in Iraq is being fought today under the leadership of President Bush, they certainly would be depressed if Congress took over the daily operations of that war.

I think what this new poll is really saying is that the American people are tired of watching young Americans dying in a war without end and most people doubt the real intentions in President Bush’s heart when he made the decision to attack a nation that had not attacked the United States, first. No one with a decent education really believes the US Congress would do a better job at fighting a war than the President. It is the large amount of public distrust in President Bush and VP Cheney that is driving this frustration. After 911, most people in the United States from all political stripes put their faith in President Bush to right a wrong after our nation was attacked by terrorist.

In the months after 911, many Americans who did not vote for President Bush learned to respect his leadership of our country during those long depressing days and most people respected the way he went after Osama Bin Laden when it was discovered that he was the person responsible for 911. However, a short time after 911 the Bush administration was already setting it’s sights on Iraq and in the end, I believe, they used the public anger over the 911 attacks to settle an old score with Saddam Hussein, that lingered after the first Gulf War. Most Americans believed in their President during those initial days and months after 911 and it was relatively easy for President Bush to talk the American people into almost anything after that terrible attack on the American homeland.

Now we find ourselves in a terrible situation in Iraq and while the conversation among political partisans has evolved into a “cut and run” versus a “stay the course” strategy; all most Americans see is a war without end where young Americans are dying every single day for no reason. It would be a terrible decision for the US Congress to try and run the war effort and most people understand that fact down deep inside when they take the time to think about it. However, the trust in President Bush’s leadership has dropped so low that almost anyone would be preferred to lead the war effort over him. I do not know what was in President Bush’s heart when he took this nation to war in Iraq, but I do know that the whole Iraq War situation has turned into a national disaster for the United States.

It would be stupid to pull out all US troops at this point and it is equally stupid to increase troops there, as well. I believe Iraq is in a classic civil war situation and no amount of troops will be effective in that country until the citizens of Iraq decide they are tired of killing each other and start learning to accept the differences of their neighbors. Until that day comes, the United States is stuck in a country with a “no win” situation and everyday our nation is stuck in Iraq with no solution in sight will be another day most Americans will continue to blame President Bush for talking us into going to war there in the first place, without thinking out the post war consequences in advance.

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Stuck In Iraq

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