Friday, April 06, 2007

New Taxes Proclaim They Are - 'For The Children'

Here in Texas and most likely also in other states as well, elected leaders have found a new way to raise taxes on citizens. The newest and most disgusting of these techniques revolve around including the words, “for the children”. Whether the new taxes are on alcohol, cigarettes, gambling or even adult night clubs, elected state leaders always preach the value of these new taxes on, so called, “sin behavior” as helping out public schools and the children of our state. Taken individually this new technique might have some value for Texas public schools, but when combined together they start sounding strange and make no sense at all.

The other day I was listening to a radio talk show out of Dallas when one of the announcers was making a joke about this new government technique for raising taxes. I started laughing so hard after listening to this radio guy that I almost wrecked my car. He said that the State of Texas is now encouraging its citizens to, “smoke for the children”, “drink for the children”, “gamble for the children” and now even get a “lap dance for the children”. While this radio guy was just making a joke, the success of real humor is only possible when there is an element of truth in what the person is saying.

Elected leaders have found that citizens do not want their taxes increased, so they have come up with new ways to raise revenue without raising taxes the old fashion way by increasing income and property taxes. In recent years, all new taxation that I am familiar with here in Texas, in one way or another, have been designed to raise revenue for school children and public schools. However, the truth is that many times this new revenue is simply deposited into the general fund of the state and education programs always receive a certain percentage of dollars from that general fund.

Rather than making the hard choices necessary to cause government to run more efficiently by the cutting of wasteful spending, government leaders have once again found a new way to raise revenue and just continue their current out of control spending. In 2007 I am sure that state leaders will find new ways to raise revenue through new taxes and I also believe that most of these new tax programs will revolve around helping the children of our state. Look for this new tax raising technique to come to your state, soon. It is very effective and proves that politicians will stop at nothing to find new and improved ways to raise tax revenue even when citizens are already over taxed.

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For The Children

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