Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hurricane Season Begins - Another Bad Year?

Tomorrow will be the starting day for the 2007 hurricane season and weather experts are predicting nine hurricanes this season. While most weather professionals get no respect from the general public, maybe this year they will do better predicting the weather than they did last year when these same experts claimed that 2006 would be a terrible year for hurricanes, but in the end it was one of the mildest years on record.

Why these experts believe they must try and predict the weather is something I do not understand. No one can predict the weather accurately and consistently for more than the next 24 hours, but that does not stop people from trying. The reason weathermen and women don't get the respect of the public is because when they make sweeping prediction about future hurricane activity, they are wrong at least 50% of the time. Back in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina and Rita terrorized the Gulf Coast, my best recollection is that no weather expert predicted in advance that two Category 5 hurricanes would hit the United States in 2005. However, in the end we all know that is exactly what happened.

I am waiting for some smart guy or gal to step forward and say that they are going to stop this madness of trying to predict how many storms will hit the United States within any given year and show some humility when it comes to "Mother Nature". As hurricanes are building and heading toward land, weather professionals are very good at tracking these storms and giving the public as much notice as possible when there is a need for an evacuation. This short time window of predicted movement helps to save lives every year and rather than trying to predict what the weather is going to be like several months from now, weather professionals should focus on what they are really good at and that is tracking storms once they form.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell Nuts - Should Seek Mental Treatment

I watched a home made video yesterday featuring Rosie O'Donnell talking about her experiences on the ABC hit television show "The View". Even to the untrained eye, it is easy to see that Rosie is losing touch with the real world and sliding down the path of severe mental illness. We have all seen this type of thing happen before in Hollywood and to me this is like watching a train wreck, in the movies, happening in slow motion.

The lives of the rich and famous are too often time lived in a way where a basic foundation of values and morality is not in place and Rosie fits that description, perfectly. While watching this video my mind kept going back to the way Rosie looked and acted on "The View" over the past twelve months. Her increasingly strong opinions about President Bush and the War in Iraq turned from reasonable debate at the beginning toward outright hatred toward the president at the end. Ms. O'Donnell became obsessed with President Bush and his war policies and the next step after obsession is severe mental illness.

People that are prone to obsessive behavior are folks that need to feel in control not only of their daily lives, but also they need to feel in control of the lives of other people around them. I personally do not believe that Rosie O'Donnell has a clue how badly she came across on television and for certain she does not realize that she is slipping away to a place where most people in the world will not follow her to. While on "The View" Rosie could make my blood boil because of her ill informed comments about President Bush and the War in Iraq.

As most of you know, lately I have not been one of President Bush's biggest supporters. However, I do not live my daily life trying to blame everything bad that happens in the world on our president. I wish Rosie would get some professional help right now, but I don't see that option happening because like others before her, she is surrounded by people that either don't understand what is happening to her or they just don't care enough about her to exercise tough love. Most likely Rosie O'Donnell will have to fall completely to the bottom in her professional and personal life before she will receive the help she needs and to me that is a shame because years ago when Rosie was on her game, she was a very funny comedian that could make most people laugh at the drop of a hat.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cindy Sheehan Quits Peace Movement Over Agenda

Late yesterday, Cindy Sheehan announced that she was quiting the anti-war movement that thrust her into the national spotlight after the death of her son in the Iraq War. Like many people before her, Sheehan was used to further the political agendas of other people and also like others before her she did not realize that fact for many years. Whether it is left wing anti-war organizations or right wing anti-aborton groups, both will find and use people in an effort to further there over all agendas.

According to reports, Sheehan has lost her marriage, her life savings and the support of most members of her family because of her blind faith in the Iraq anti-war movement. Extremist in any form are bad and gullible people must look at what happened to Cindy Sheehan and think twice before they are talked into help out any group of extremest. While Sheehan was used by ultra left wing extremist, several years ago people on the far right used Terri Schiavo's parents to further there anti-abortion goals.

To political extremest, the people that get hurt are not as important as the overall goal of controlling other people to their way of thinking. Extremism is all about control of others and most people that become involved in such groups do so because they have a difficult time studying issues in there entirety, so they adopt a simple "one size fits all" scenario and become religious in there belief that everyone else should feel the same way. All extremism is self destructive not only to the cause, but also to the people that chose to follow such activity.

Now Cindy Sheehan has decided to quit the anti-war movement and attempt to rebuild her life. While rebuild her life will be difficult, the people in the anti-war movement that recruited her will not despair about her personal life, but instead they have most likely already forgot about her and they are in search of another hurting mother who lost a son in Iraq to take her place.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Lake Waco Runoff Causes Major Problems

As our long holiday weekend drew to a close today, my wife and I decided to travel out to the water release valve at Lake Waco. I had been to this location almost five years ago after another round of heavy rainfall hit our area and today I wanted to go again because I heard that the Army Corp of Engineers was once again releasing a bunch of water. Before we headed to the dam, we decided to head out over the twin bridges to see just how much water was in Lake Waco. To my surprise, the lake was at a very high level and most likely it will continue to rise for several more days even with millions of gallons of water puring out of the lake every few minutes.

As a young boy I remember being fascinated with the raw power and strength of water running uncontrolled down rivers and springs and how nothing man can do will stop such a process if Mother Nature is running at full force. Today's visit to the dam at Lake Waco was again an exciting experience for me because when a person is up close and in person at such a sight it is truly amazing to watch millions of gallons of water heading out of that lake and into the Brazos River. I remember taking several trips to the "Hoover Dam" when visiting Las Vegas. While taking the tour of that facility it is difficult to imagine how engineers and workmen were able to construct such a dam without the aid of computers and high tech equipment.

Unlike watching flowing water on television or in the movies, in real life the sound of the water and the moisture in the air cause the experience to be much different in person. I have never visited Niagara Falls, but it is beautiful to look at on television as the water pours over the rim. However, in much the same way looking at escaping water at Lake Waco was much different in person today than I saw on the 10 o'clock news later in the day. To be honest I think it is the sound of running water that gives a first hand viewing it's power. As that water rushed from Lake Waco today, I felt a tremendous sense of humility and a sense of how small I really am in the eyes of Mother Nature.

If you have never visited in person the release of huge sums of water, you might want to consider doing so in the near future. To be near such untamed power is something truly remarkable to witness first hand.

Memorial Day Feast At Ryan's Cafeteria

My wife and I decided to eat out today since we both had Memorial Day off from work. Both of us live a very busy lifestyle so during the regular Monday-Friday work week we usually either take a brown bag sack lunch with us to work or we end up eating at a fast food restaurant like McDonald's or Wendy's. Today we chose to eat at a restaurant called "Ryan's" because as a cafeteria, we knew that we would have hundreds of food choices to pick from. While sitting at the tap eating a salad and fresh fruits and vegetables, I told my wife that I could not recall the last time I at raw fruit. That fact got me thinking about my daily diet and how so many good foods are missed by me each and every week.

This skipping of fruits can not be good for my health over the long run and even though I have not had my blood checked in quite some time, most likely my cholesterol and other numbers are probably too high for my own good. I do find myself eating salads several times per week, but they are mainly composed of vegetables, not fruit. I am no doctor, but I do have enough intelligence to understand that no fruit in the diet is not a good thing, so starting next week I am going to start buying some raw fruit to eat at work and in the car while I am driving.

I do believe that eating and good health evolve over time and not just all at once. Several months ago I started eating Walnuts every evening and this change while good for my health was not hard at all because I love all types of nuts. Maybe that is because I am a nut.. just kidding around. As a young boy I use to enjoy eating fresh fruits all the time, but somewhere along the road to maturity I lost that love for fruit and choose instead to follow a diet of hamburgers, French fries and Dr. Pepper's. While eating like this isn't bad if done in moderation, in recent years I have not live my eating life through moderate means at all. However, I do plan to make some changes.

Thank goodness most major fast food restaurants do offer healthy choices in their dinning facilities now days. While eating at McDonald's the other day I noticed that there restaurant chains now offer a fruit and Walnut meal for under three dollars. Now that has to be better for me than the Quarter Pounder with fries and a soft drink? While I disagree with most things the food police try to do to force us to eat healthier, I am glad they have brought pressure to bear on fast food restaurants to at least offer healthy choices in there meal selections. I don't know why when I started eating more vegetables I completely left fruit out of that change, but I did and I plan on correcting that mistake starting today.

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Missing Immigration Piece - Inter-Racial Marriage

For the past couple of weeks I have heard television and radio pundits debate the issue of the new Immigration Law being proposed in Washington D.C. and I believe all sides in the debate are missing some very important points. Conservatives have said on many occasions that the major problem with new immigration laws are that they don't include "assimilation" into the mix. By assimilation they mean that these new immigrants will not be required to speak English and learn many American customs before they are allow to stay in the U.S. legally.

On the other side of this debate there are liberals that believe the U.S. government is making it too hard for illegal immigrants to become citizens in the first place. Most liberal pundits and politicians do not believe there should be fines against illegal immigrates and for sure they are against the head of household being required to return to his or her country of origin and get in line like everyone else that wants to enter the United States. Both extremes in this debate are missing one important piece of the puzzle and the reason they are missing it is because there time horizon of what will really happen in the United States in too short.

There is no doubt that this new immigration reform law will cause short term stress on the U.S. financial system. However, that short term pain will most likely lead to long term continued growth of the United States. The missing piece of this puzzle that no one in Washington is talking about is the fact that millions of these, next generation, immigrations will marry outside of there race and when that happens the assimilation process of these new immigrants will begin and an entirely new looking United States will come out of this process.

There will be millions of traditional Americans that will believe that this type of marriage assimilation will be bad for the United States, but I don't count myself in that number. For a nation and a people to survive, they must evolve and that is exactly what it going to happen over the next 100 years as the United States population will take on a new look and new ideas of what is needed to carry this great nation forward into the future. I have said before and I will say again that the only thing that will reduce true racism in this world is interracial marriage and while the first generation of these types of marriages will have a difficult time with the concept, future generation will lose the need for racism because there will be no one race dominating there family bloodline.

All great nations must evolve and while some believe the best way for a country to evolve is through political debate and planning, I believe "Mother Nature" takes care of most of these problems for us and in the end mans interference does nothing to stop mankind from evolving to the next level of evolution.

Death Of Newspapers Caused By The Internet?

Many major U.S. newspapers are running the risk of having to close there doors because of declining daily and weekly circulation figures. As the number of people in the United States grows, major newspapers are not growing with the population and to make matters worse most large newspapers are losing circulation in the high single and sometimes low double digit numbers each year. Almost everyone in the newspaper business has an excuse for why their readership numbers are going down.

Even some radio talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh have weighed in on the reason major city newspapers are dying a slow death with the American public. Rather than looking at this issue from a political point of view, I believe the real reason that daily newspaper circulation is dropping dramatically is because of the Internet. A decade ago, most major U.S. newspapers ignored the Internet in favor of continuing long standing policies of criticizing and fighting any type of new news delivery system that worked against the old fashion way of delivering daily news.

That decision created a new news media built around regular people that started writing about the news inside their blogs and finding source material for these entries from other Internet information sites. After several years of criticizing blogs and other Internet news information sites, a few years ago the major U.S. newspapers decided that if they could not beat this new trend, they would join it. However, the years they wasted trying to destroy the credibility of Internet news reporting allow other sources of news to develop and that decision to fight instead of join the Internet revolution will eventually cause some major city newspapers to fail over the next few years.

While many people over the age of 50 still consider their daily newspaper a must have, most young people don't even look at a daily paper except to see what time a movie might be starting at there local theater. The world has change fast since the Internet became a major influence around ten years ago and the old timers that decided they would rather fight than join are going to pay a heavy price for that decision in future years.

Lindsay Lohan Hounded By Paparazzi In LA

I watched a video tonight that was shot by paparazzi following young actress Lindsay Lohan around the streets of Los Angeles in the hours and minutes before she was involved in a traffic accident. On Saturday, Ms. Lohan was arrested by police for driving under the influence of drugs and will most likely be facing a similar court case to that of Paris Hilton which landed her in the slammer for over one month, if that sentence is eventually carried to completion. While I understand that paparazzi can get carried away looking for that perfect picture with a 100K payday plus, the video I saw tonight was disturbing not only in the way the paparazzi hunted Lohan like a wild animal, but in the way this pursuit could have cause other accidents with innocent citizens.

The world of paparazzi is a strange place that few regular Americans understand. The world of a freelance photographer is based around following around famous people in the hope of getting that one shot that magazines and tabloid TV news magazine shows will pay though the nose to be able to publish. In the process, hundreds if not thousands of people are put at risk who have absolutely nothing to do with the star that is being pro sued or the paparazzi that is following that star. While living in a free country brings not only success but the fear of risk, there are regular everyday people that will eventually get caught in the middle of these cat and mouse games and someday soon someone is going to die because the paparazzi went too far in getting that million dollar picture.

I for one I'm so glad that I live in the heartland of America where few famous people chose to live. While there are risk any time a person makes the choice to drive an automobile, at least I don't have to watch out for a caravan of paparazzi following around celebrities on our local streets in the early hours of the morning. That said, Lindsay Lohan does have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol and the sooner she is put back into treatment the better. The girl trio of Lohan, Spears and Hilton have made all three girls extremely famous and as a byproduct of their fortune and fame, other lesser known photographers have also made huge sums of money catching these girls in compromising situations.

It is the American public that is really to blame for this out of control paparazzi situation because millions of Americans choose to buy magazines at their supermarket check out stand and even millions more watch tabloid television shows like Inside Edition and Entertainment Tonight. I don't know when or where the publics eyes will be opened to this growing danger, but my guess is it won't be long until some innocent person is killed by paparazzi that are pursuing one of this top actresses and when that happens all heck is going to break loose and new laws will be written to try and get a handle on this growing problem.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Waco Texas Flooding Ruins Holiday Weekend

I was telling my wife this morning that this long weekend is certainly going to be a disappointment for people in Central Texas that wanted to spend the weekend having fun on local lakes or camping and fishing because here in the Waco area it has rained pretty much non stop for the past 24 hours. I'm writing this post at 10:15am and as I look out my window it is raining "cats and dogs" outside. Back in January everyone was concerned about a terrible summer where a multi year drought had cause lakes and reservoirs in this area to become critically low of water.

Fast forward a few months and that is not a problem anymore, in fact over the past month Central Texas has received more rainfall in one month than we usually receive in a full year. Last week I was traveling down some country roads and noticed that all the small ponds that are dammed up by local ranchers to provide water to their livestock are not only completely full, but some appear to be damaged because there water runoff system was not large enough and excess water had begun to rush over the top of the pond. People have been joking about Waco being the new Seattle Washington recently because it seems to rain every single day.

To me, the rainfall over the past month here in Central Texas reminds me more of living in a tropical forest than in any U.S. city. Many of you probably heard about the huge rainfall last week in Killeen Texas where several people were killed and dozen of people had to be rescued from quickly rising flood waters. My guess is that at my home in Waco we have received at least five inches of rain in the past day or two and more is on the way. Well, so much for a nice holiday weekend filled with fun in the sun games. I guess it is time to get out the umbrella and head down to our local Blockbuster Video Store and rent some movies because with weather like this very little else will be possible this Memorial Day Weekend.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Barack Obama Bores Voters At Campaign Events

I for one do not understand why democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is not firing up voters in the same way he did only a few short months ago. When Obama is on his game, he is one of the best speakers I have heard in my lifetime. However, in recent weeks, Obama has started sounding like some type of political hack in his speeches and in a strange twist of fate, Sam Donaldson even produced pictures last week on ABC television showing audience members going to sleep while Senator Obama was giving a campaign speech. What in the world has happened in the past two months to Barack Obama? I'm not sure, but if he desires to win the democratic nomination for president against a top professional like Hillary Clinton, he had better get back on track quickly or he will be toast by the end of the summer.

I have written here before that I personally like Barack Obama and even though his political beliefs are too far left for my personal tastes, in the past he has shown good instinct at reaching out to people that don't see the world exactly the way he does and from my point of view that is a good attribute for being a successful President of the United States. About one month ago, it was reported that at the urging of some U.S. Senators, the Department of Homeland Security decided to offer Secret Service protection to Senator Obama before any other candidate except Hillary Clinton which receives such protection because of her "First Lady" status during the term of her husband Bill Clinton.

To be honest, I am thinking that this decision by the Department of Homeland Security might have cause Senator Obama to get "off his game" in the political arena because of concerns not only to his life, but to those in his family which he undoubtedly loves very much. If this is the case, I hope those that are close to Barck Obama step in and explain to him that there are crazy people in this world that still judge people by their skin color, but real leaders assume that risk in order to bring about a better country. I am not an African-American and I have no idea what Obama and others that have proceeded him think in the back of there minds when they run for high office in the United States. However, it is important for Obama to do his very best in this election cycle because many people will judge the amount of hard work he puts into this campaign and if that example is bad it could hurt other African-American candidates in the future if he does not do his very best.

I have written here before about my desire to see someone, anyone win the office of President of the United States that does not have the last name of Clinton or Bush. Just think about this for a minute; no person alive in the U.S. under the age of 16 years old has known a President of the United States that did not come from one of two political families with the same last name. In a nation of over 300 million people, surely there are more people that can lead this nation than those that come from the Clinton and Bush families. I don't have anything personal against either family, it is just time for this country to move on to other people with new and better ideas and for my money the best candidate to do that in 2008 is Senator Barack Obama from Illinois.

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Minimum Wage Economy - Increase Was Overdue

Included in the Iraqi War funding bill passed by Congress and soon to be signed by President Bush is an increase in the amount of the U.S. minimum wage. It has been almost a decade since the minimum wage has been increased and in my opinion this increase is well overdue. Just imagine how much the basic cost of necessities have increased over the past ten years? Gas prices have gone up, along with the price of food and basic medical care. Most experts agree that the U.S. economy is booming right now and over the past few years, the rich have become even richer because they have not been required to raise the pay of there lowest skilled workers.

It find it ironic that the U.S. minimum wage is going up at the same time Members of Congress and President Bush are pushing for legal status for millions of illegal workers in the United States. Will this new increase in the minimum wage apply to people that become legal under this new Immigration Law being proposed by Congress or will this increase only apply to U.S. citizens? Right now I am not sure if this new increase will apply to everyone, but I have a gut feeling that it WILL NOT apply to illegal immigrants that will suddenly become legal when President Bush signs this new immigration legislation.

The lack of an increase in the minimum wage over the past almost decade is a black eye on the Republicans in Congress and President Bush in the White House. Over the past seven years, the White House and Congress have worked overtime to reduce taxes on the riches tax payers while at the same time leaving folks at the bottom of the latter without a single pay increase. Now with millions of new illegal workers being brought out of the shadows with this new immigration law, many Americans could find themselves out of a job if employers can find a qualified "guest worker" to do the job for less than the new U.S. minimum wage.

While there is no stopping globalization, I believe that U.S. leaders should do everything they can to, at least, slow it down so the least among us in the U.S. are not made to suffer unnecessarily. There is an old say that goes something like this: "of those much is given, much is expected". However, in recent years the people that have been blessed with the most seem to be looking at the poorest among us with distain and sometimes down right elitism. As a life long Republican, I believe the next few decades will move the U.S. government away from conservative ideas and back into the liberal realm.

Unfortunately, liberalism is not the correct course of action for the best interest of the country, but with so much extremism in both the GOP and Democratic Party's, I see few, real life, middle of the road solutions being proposed and enacted into law in the United States. I believe in the next 20 years a viable third party will emerge in the United States and this new party will represent the majority of Americans that are neither conservative or liberal. Our country is changing fast and this new increase in the U.S. minimum wage is the right thing to do, even if it is years overdue.

Brave Young Soldiers Get Quality Medical Care

CNN is running programming this weekend on there Cable News Network outlining the medical treatment that soldiers in Iraq are receiving when they are injured. To say that medical procedures have improved over the years in a war zone would not do justice to the medical staff I saw working to save lives in this documentary. It is amazing to watch these medical professionals swing into action when an injured soldier is brought either into a field hospital or trauma unit inside the "green zone" in Baghdad.

When I was young, I was a faithful fan of the television show "M.A.S.H." which outlined the daily duties of doctors working to save the lives of soldiers in Korea. To compare the surgical and medical techniques of the doctors in the Korean War to the advanced medical procedures in Iraq today, is the different between night and day. There is much criticism of the out of control costs of medical care in the United States and for the most part, I agree that the rate of increase in medical treatment costs, year over year, is too high compared with the rate of inflation. However, when I see documentaries like the one shown by CNN this weekend I do see that the millions of dollars that are spend on training medical personnel in the U.S. is money well spent.

As support for the War in Iraq has gone down with the American people, thank goodness most Americans are separating the soldiers from the Bush administration as anger and tempers rise across the country at the slow progress being made by the Iraqi government. In my view, every single American soldier is a hero simply because they decided to volunteer to serve this country and put their lives at risk for a nation they love. So many families spend sleepless nights worrying about there sons, daughters, fathers and mothers that are in harms way in Iraq and they pray daily that their loved one will someday return home, alive and in one piece from this dangerous war zone.

This Memorial Weekend would be a good time to seek out soldiers that are home on leave from the Iraq War and do something special for them. Something as simple as buying their lunch or offering to help them do yard work would be a sign to them that you care and appreciate there sacrifice to this great country. Even a friendly handshake or pat on the back will go a long way toward showing these brave men and women that they are not forgotten by the American people and when they ship back overseas again, it will not just be there families that will be praying for them but a united nation of 300 million people plus, as well.

Long Holiday Weekend A Real Family Blessing

I certainly am looking forward to a long holiday weekend. It has been months since I have had three days off in a row and my family is blessed because my wife and I both have the same three days off of work together. Here in Waco and the entire Central Texas area it rained all last night and the unpopular weatherman said we should expect more rain all weekend. That news is bad for folks that wanted to head off on a camping trip and spend several days in the sun at one of our local lakes, but since I plan on watching some good movies this weekend and catching up on some much need sleep, the news about more rain is OK by me.

Yesterday, I drove 40 miles up I-35 from Waco to Hillsboro Texas and the driving conditions were terrible. Bumper to bumper traffic started around the small town of West, Texas and at some points speeds of only 10 miles per hour were possible in the north bound lanes. When I approached Hillsboro Texas I found out the source of the problem. There was a bad traffic accident just south of Hillsboro Texas in the south bound lane of I-35. The north bound lane was going slow because of all of the "rubber necking" going on by drivers trying to see what was happening with traffic going in the opposite direction.

I assume there were severe injuries in this accident because I saw, what looked to be, a medical helicopter sitting on the Interstate with it's rotor blades spinning. As the traffic was moving slow, I found myself getting angry because I was on a time schedule on Friday. However, when I saw that helicopter sitting on I-35 and most likely taking a badly injured person to the hospital, my mood turned from anger to a feeling of thankfulness that the person being loaded into that helicopter was not me. I know millions of you are going to be traveling on U.S. roadways this holiday weekend and I hope that you will find your way to your destination safely and have an uneventful trip home on Monday.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tony Romo - Carrie Underwood Friendship Is Real

Last week, Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo showed up at a country music awards show with American Idol winner and country music superstar Carrie Underwood. Isn't it funny how members of the media just love to write about the relationships of famous people around the world? Even on talk radio, many announcers were discussing the first big sighting of these two young people at a public event. In the most entertaining discussion about Romo's attendance at the event, one Dallas radio announcer said he was glad that Romo did not drop Carrie Underwood's purse when she was on stage accepting an award. Dallas Cowboys' fans, like myself, remember all too well the dropped ball fumbles of Romo at the end of last season.

From what I have seen and read, Carrie Underwood and Tony Romo have a similar view of relationships and neither person desires to rush into anything. Instead, they are both taking a "go slow approach" to dating and putting a personal friendship in place before anything else. My opinion is that relationships last longer if the important step of becoming friends is first accomplished before things get to hot and heavy. Too many people allow lust to rule there lives and this mistake will cause huge misunderstandings down the road when the new wears off of the love. When I was young I made huge mistakes in relationships because I did not take the time to get to know the women I met before the laws of attraction caused me to fall in too deep and way too soon.

It is inspirational to see today's young people learning maturity long before there parents did and possibly this new found maturity was caused by all the mistakes there parents made in relationships when they were young. I believe children base many of there choices on trying not to repeat the mistakes of there parents. When over 50% of marriages end in divorce, these days, that means that millions of 20 and 30 somethings today experienced all to well what can happen in a home when couples don't start there relationships as friends. That friendship foundation is the only thing that keeps couple from full fledge destruction when and if a divorce takes place in the future. People hurt the ones they love all the time and that hurt is even more furious when there is not a friendship foundation at the base of the relationship.

Best wishes to Carrie and Tony and if true love is in there future, I have no doubt that their relationship will be a lasting one.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Rush Limbaugh Believes GOP Is Doomed In (2008)

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh yesterday when he said that the Republican Party would be doomed if the current immigration compromise worked out by the Bush administration and the US Senate becomes law. Limbaugh along with millions of rank and file Republicans are angry that people who entered the United States illegally will now be rewarded for breaking the law. I believe that illegal immigration is one of the biggest problems facing Americans in the future and I do not believe the Congress of the United States and President Bush have found a good way to deal with this important issue.

My problems with this new law revolve around the enforcement or the lack there of, of old immigration laws. What eventually happens is that border enforcement will not be taken seriously, so more and more people will stream across the US border everyday hoping for a better life in the United States and these law breakers are actually rewarded for breaking the law by being given an easier road to US citizenship. No other nation allows their borders to be violated like the United States and after September 11th, the American people are all too aware that there are people and groups that wish to see our annihilation as a country and as a people.

Going back to Mr. Limbaugh's comments about the GOP being doomed if this legislation becomes law, I would just like to add that the GOP was already doomed as a major force in US politics long before this crazy amnesty idea was proposed. Republican elected leaders long ago left the reservation of conservatism and either took the road of joining up with liberals in Washington or took another road toward the radical right wing and hard-line social issues. The Terri Schiavo Case was my first taste of how hard-line some on the far, far right have become in trying to impose there will on the rest of us.

It is a good time to be a democratic politician because the GOP is doing everything in it's power to destroy itself from within. All the Democrats really need to do is nothing because GOP leaders are on a path that will drive there core voters away from the polls in droves in 2008 and provide an easy victory for whomever is selected as the Democratic Party's nominee for President of the United States.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Second GOP Debate Tonight - Democrats Boycott FoxNews

The candidates for the GOP nomination for President will once again debate tonight. This second debate will take place in South Carolina and will be seen on the Fox News Channel. As most of you have probably already heard, the Democrats have been offered debate time on Fox News, but they have universally turned down the offer because they believe Fox News covers politics from a mainly right of center point of view. I agree with the democratic position that Fox News does cover news with a conservative slant, but that is not a reason why the network should be shunned by the democrats. Instead, democratic candidates for President should be on Fox News spreading their point of view and trying to win over new voters to the party.

The media loves to promote these presidential debates in the hope of attracting large numbers of people to their network and also to have fresh material to write about in there newspapers and blogs. However, most Americans do not even take the time to watch debates and few even take the time to read what the candidates said in the next days newspaper. I believe this lack of interest in presidential candidates is because when people look at their calender they see the year 2007 and the general election for President of the United States is not even taking place until November of 2008. Over the years the race for president has started earlier each campaign cycle to where now the race for president starts the minute voting stops in congressional elections two years before the next election.

From the talk of people in my area, I believe the GOP is going to lose the race for president in 2008. I live in one of the most Republican areas of the United States, but I am starting to hear life long Republicans stating their disgust with the "Grand Old Party" and what is at the heart of that anger is not the War in Iraq, but the leadership skills of President Bush. Most Republican Members of Congress have held on to their support for President Bush from the beginning of his term and have broken ranks with the president on very few occasion over the past seven years. Even on issues that have large GOP support like stopping the UAE Ports Deal and cracking down on illegal immigration Members of Congress have pretty much stood behind President Bush, even when he has ignored what the rank in file believe is the right course of action.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Amazing Grace Movie About British Slave Trade

My wife and I went to see a movie today that was different than almost any movie we have watched in years. The name of this movie was "Amazing Grace". The backdrop of this film took place in Great Britain in the late 1700's as the war against America was winding down and other battles faced the British Empire from France. After decades of legal trafficking of human beings from Africa, a couple of young "Members of Parliament" made a moral decision to devote their lives to the repeal of slavery in Great Britain and to set slaves free.

The very idea of this movie was attractive to me because the man that wrote the popular song, "Amazing Grace" was featured in this movie as a former slave trader that gave up his lucrative business to seek sanctuary in the teachings of God in later life. As the demons of his youth kept coming back to haunt him, this form slave trader eventually found the courage to face his bad deeds, write down his experiences and tooter a young Member of Parliament to take up the cause of abolishing slavery.

There is something magical, inspirational and moving about the simple song called "Amazing Grace". Even at happy times during my life this memorable song can almost bring me to tears. I remember as a young boy singing this song in church services and over the years I have heard it sung at countless funerals for friends and family members. The real power behind the words of "Amazing Grace" are found in the simplistic approach of the words and a melody that can bring goose bumps to even the most hard hearted of individuals.

The movie "Amazing Grace" was a tribute to the power of not giving up when faced with a big challenge of righting a wrong. While most people in Great Britain in the late 1700's were perfectly fine with the trafficking of Africans as slaves, over time a few consistent voices taught regular people how wrong this practice was and these same people changed a nation and eventually the world with their steps of courage to stand up and do the right thing. I greatly enjoyed this motion picture.

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No Driving While Talking On Cell Phone Laws

I have been hearing more and more chatter recently about states desiring to pass new laws involving the use of cell phones while driving. I have been known to talk on the cell phone, from time to time, while driving and I'm sure most other people have done so, as well. Yes, there is no doubt that talking on the cell phone while driving does cause a driver to not be as focused on the road, but other things that take place in cars are just as dangerous and I don't want to see these new laws start us down a road to where almost everything we now do in an automobile is eventually declared illegal.

People eat in their cars, talk in their cars, listen to the radio in their cars and some vehicles have DVD players in the back seat so riders can watch movies and television programs. Add to these devices the ever increasing number of vehicles that have GPS navigational devices in the front seat and the folks that like to make their living off of changing human behavior by passing laws will have a field day with new legislation if cell phones are eventually banned from use while driving a motor vehicle.

The reason these new cell phone laws are gaining in popularity is because every one of us has, at one time or another, almost been hit by or cut off by a driver that is so involved in talking on their cell phone that their driving abilities have been greatly reduced. When this happens to people it makes them angry and the first thing most folks in the United States do when they get mad is to contact their elected representatives to get some kind of law passed to punish the person that almost hit them.

In my view we already have too many laws on the books in the United States and the last thing any of us really need is a new law that forbids the use of cell phones while driving an automobile. There will always be distracted drivers and those types of people will be around even if there is no cell phone, radio or GPS device in the car. We do not need more laws to try and control the bad behavior of others because these type of law do not work and only punish folks that care enough about the law to follow it in the first place.

Whitney Houston Drug Problems - She Needs Help

According to Fox News, Whitney Houston showed up the other day with blood shot eyes at a birthday party for Stevie Wonder. For years, Ms. Houston has been fighting drug addition problems and I for one had thought she had made the turn toward recovery. Of course, almost everyone that has been addicted to illegal or legal drugs has a set back from time to time and that is why people in AA and other organizations never use the word cure to describe treatment.

Most true recovering alcoholics use the words "recovering alcoholic" because everyone one of these folks knows that they are just one drink away from heading down the dark road of addiction once again. My guess is that people recovering from other drug additions are in the same boat as alcoholics and if this Fox News story is to be believed, Whitney Houston has "fallen off the wagon". I grew up listening to and enjoying the many songs that were released by Whitney Houston. "The Greatest Love of All" is one of my all time favorite songs and every time it is played on oldies radio, I take the time to stop listen to it.

As I have written here before, Whitney's moving rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" that Whitney Houston preformed at the Superbowl during the first Gulf War brought tears to my eyes and that national tribute during war time gained Whitney Houston millions of additional fans that had never listened to her music before. I hope and pray that Whitney Houston will find a way to get back into recovery and keep her life a "clean and sober" place because God has given this lady a huge talent and I hate to see it wasted by the over use of drugs.

Death On Roadways - Mother Killed By Truck

On Monday, a young mother of two was killed on Highway 31 between Mt. Calm and Waco, Texas when an 18-wheeler completely crushed her car while she was attempting to make a left hand turn. Highway 31 is a two-lane highway that runs between Waco, Corsicana and Tyler Texas. This young woman was killed instantly and charges might be pending against the truck driver because it was reported to police that he might have attempted to pass this young women on her drivers side at the same time she was trying to make a left hand turn.

There is a commercial, on television, that I see from time to time, that says "life comes at you fast" and that statement is so true. However, "death comes at you fast, too" and it is still difficult to get the images of this young womans car out of my mind after I saw them printed in our local newspaper. How horrible it must have been for the young children and husband of this young woman to lose such an important person in their life just one week before Mother's Day? I believe everything that happens in life is for a reason, but some times it takes years for that reason to become apparent to the people that suffer such a great loss.

My daily work duties last week required me to travel down the same highway this young woman traveled the day of her death. It was easy to see where the accident took place because the Texas Highway Patrol had used spray paint to mark the various collision points and there were still the signs of deep skid marks where the truck driver attempted to stop. While talking about this accident last week with friends and coworkers, some folks were quick to blame the truck driver because everyone that has driven on a busy highway in recent years knows that some truckers drive over the speed limit and endanger drivers in smaller cars. Personally, I will wait for the DPS to make their judgment on the actions of the truck driver in this particular accident because I have learned, from experience, that sometimes people die even when no one does anything wrong or illegal.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Success Takes Risk - Corzine Learns Humility

I just finished reading a story about the traffic accident that almost took the life of New Jersey Governor John Corzine. Governor Corzine is a very rich man and like most other financially successful people he has taken risk, in order to become successful. While taking risk is the reason why most independently wealthy people have been able to accomplish their financial dreams, there is a down side to taking risk and now Governor Corzine is all too aware of that fact.

When John Corzine was involved in a traffic accident several weeks ago, he was not wearing a seat belt. Even after his driver, a New Jersey state trooper, had recommended on several occasions that the governor put on his safety belt, he still refused on most occasions to follow the advice of his driver. To me, not wanting to wear a seat belt was just one more choice among many that Corzine has made during his lifetime and that decision also revolved around taking risks. It will be interesting to see if this near death experience of Governor Corzine has long lasting effects on how he chooses to live his life?

On the NBC "Today" Show, Corzine said that his near death experience has made a profound difference in the way he views safety and wearing seat belts. The governor stated that he had paid a fine for not wearing his seat belt and he was going to pay for his medical expenses out of his own pocket so taxpayers would not be forced to pay for his mistake in judgment. Governor Corzine is saying all the right things and most people take him at his word when he says he is a changed man. However, the best time to judge if real change has been made will be in a year or two and my guess is at that time John Corzine will once again be taking risks because that trait is just part of his DNA.

Someone told me once that if all the money in the world was confiscated and divided equally among the population, within 30 days the rich would be rich again and the poor would once again be poor. I believe this to be true because there are certain personality traits that cause the rich to become rich and the poor to consistently drift into poverty and one of those personality traits is risk taking.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Iraq Needs Benchmarks - US Pressure Needed

For several years now, President Bush has said that it would be a mistake to set benchmarks for the new Iraqi government to get it's act together. While President Bush believes that setting a definite timetable for withdrawal of U.S. troops would be a mistake because it would embolden the enemy, the real truth is that nothing important ever gets done without a pending deadline for success. In the GOP presidential debate, the other night, John McCain said that when he is elected President of the United States that all government agency would have to meet benchmarks of success each year or those agencies and/or programs could be eliminated.

John McCain is right about his approach to out of control spending in the federal government and dead wrong at the same time about opposing the same type of benchmarks when dealing with the government of Iraq. Can you imagine the mess the U.S. government would be in, financially, if taxpayers did not have April 15th as a deadline to file their annual federal income taxes? Every American deals with goals and/or benchmarks every single day in their personal and business lives and to expect anything less from the new Iraqi government is ridicules.

The time has come to expect great things from the new Iraqi government and if these elected leaders are not up to the challenge of building a strong and vigorus homeland, maybe someone else should be given the opportunity to succeed? I personally believe it was a mistake not to divide Iraq into three separate counties after the fall of Saddam Husein. It is entirely possible that the people of Iraq would form a united government at some future date, when and if they get their religious difference's worked out. However, now is not the time to force sworn enemies to change decades of hatred against each other in Iraq.

President Bush believed that he could fix Iraq with a swift war and after Saddam was out of office the smart people of Iraq would turn to building a democracy and stop years of hatred and killing against each other. President Bush totally misread the situation on the ground in Iraq and now U.S. troops and the American people are paying the price for his obsession to take out Saddam Husein and his evil sons at all costs.

First GOP Debate - Giuliani Clear Winner

I finally got a chance to watch the entire Republican debate this weekend on MSNBC. Just like in the case of the Democratic debate a week ago, there were too many candidates on stage debating important issues that concern Americans. I understand at this early stage in the campaign it is better to be fair to all the candidates, but with modern day polling it is pretty easy to see which four or five candidates have any chance at all of getting the nomination.

Over time I have grown to like the positions of Rudy Giuliani and his performance at last weeks debate did not lower my expectations for him to ultimately earn the GOP nomination for President. On the other hand, I thought John McCain did a terrible job in this first debate because he seemed too animated and frankly giddy as he answered the questions posed to him by reports and regular voters via email. To be honest, I don't know where John McCain stands on many of the important issues of the day because he has been reinventing himself over the past seven years to appear more conservative to far right wing voters.

I also thought it was unfair for MSNBC to have Chris Matthews as moderator of a GOP debate. Matthews is a long time democrat and his silly questioning made the debate look more like a "Hardball" show rather than a genuine debte about the issues of the day. When MSNBC held the democratic debate last week, they offer Brian Williams as the debate moderator and Williams did a much better job at the democratic debate than Matthews did with the GOP candidates. Most people that live in the heartland, like I do, have a deep mistrust of people in the major news media based in New York City and Washington D.C. because of their liberal slant to major issues.

Chris Matthews sounded like a democrat while asking questions of the GOP candidates and that in my opinion should disqualify him from future debates involving the Republican Party. When are people like Chris Matthews going to learn that their liberal slanting of the news only works to strengthen the resolve of conservative Americans against a media establishment that is unfair when it comes to reporting news events. Most people I know that are "true blue conservatives" don't even watch the big three evening news cast anymore and choose to get their daily news and commentary from talk radio shows as they drive around taking care of their daily business.

Death In Kansas After Huge F-5 Tornado Strikes

Friday night turned into a nightmare for some residents of Kansas as a half mile wide tornado rush along destroying homes and lives in it's path. As a life long resident of Texas, I too have seen my fair share of tornadoes, but thankfully I have never been hit "head on" by one of these super cells that cause such great death and destruction. One year ago, folks here in Waco, Tx had a close call as an F2 tornado crushed through a business district of town. Thankfully, that tornado hit in the dead of night while these businesses were closed. A daytime strike, of that magnitude of storm, would have been much worse and the loss of life could have been large.

The threat of tornadoes is just something folks get use to in the southern part of the United States. In the same way people that live on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts get use to hurricanes and folks that live out west learn to live with the threat of earthquakes. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful "mother nature" can be when she sets her sights on a small target. That is exactly what happened in Kansas on Friday night and the same thing could happen anywhere in the United States, tomorrow. As usual, the American people have been quick to come to the aid of their fellow citizens in Kansas, just like they have done countless times before for other total strangers both in the U.S. and around the world.

I get angry when a few people make broad and sweeping statement like, "folks should not live in areas that are prone to tornadoes" or "people that live in coastal areas are just asking for trouble" or "why would anyone live in California when they know a huge earthquake is on the way"? The truth is that "mother nature" can strike anywhere at any time and the best we small human beings can do is try and pick up the pieces after something terrible happens. No matter where a person lives there is a good possibility that something related to nature could harm them. To me, "mother nature" is a humbling force in a world filled with people that believe they can control everything and everyone. One thing is for sure and that is this world does need some humbling from time to time and "mother nature" seems to show up, right on cue, to take care of the arrogance of man and mankind.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Derby Without Barbaro - New Movie Brings Tears

It was hard watching the Kentucky Derby today because my thoughts kept going back to last year's winner, "Barbaro". As almost everyone in the world now knows, "Barbaro" suffered a serious injury at the beginning of last year's Preakness Stakes and after almost a year of fighting for his life, "Barbaro" was put down several months ago to end his suffering. Once in a lifetime a true racing champion comes along in horse racing and in my lifetime that horse was "Barbaro"

As my wife and I watched the pre race show today on television, it was difficult to keep last years winner out of our minds. I remember spending hours per day looking for new information on "Barbaro's" recovered throughout last year and reading the various stories that were published online by the owners and doctors of "Barbaro". 2006 was a year of ups and downs in the "fight for life" struggle of "Barbaro". By the time Christmas came along, my wife and I thought that "Barbaro" had turned the corner and was well on his way to surviving an injury that would have caused lesser horses to be put down on the race track immediately after a race.

However, only a few short weeks later came the news that "Barbaro" had taken a turn for the worse and his owners and doctors had decided that he could not continue to live without suffering terrible pain. Like many other big news events, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news, on the radio, that "Barbaro" was dead. An unusually bright day, all of a sudden, turn to gray inside my heart and soul when I thought of how much "Barbaro" had suffered and how his brave fight for life had been lost.

Tonight, we watched the special NBC television documentary about "Barbaro's" life and death and on many occasions I found myself drying back tears and the horrible events of last year played back out on my television. At the end of tonight's documentary, they showed a picture of "Barbaro" young brother. I have a feeling that we will be seeing this young colt running in the Kentucky Derby in the year 2010 and when and if that happens all of today's memories of "Barbaro" will come rushing right back to the surface.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Barack Obama Receives Secret Service Protection

Democratic candidate for President of the United States, Barack Obama started receiving protection from the U.S. Secret Service yesterday after several Members of Congress expressed concern about his safety. The unfortunate truth about the world we live in is there are people with tremendous hate in their heart that desire to do physical harm to people they don't agree with or folks that just talk or look different from them. I do my best to stay clear of people that outwardly express opinions of hate in there everyday speech, but I'm sure there are some folks I see each day that have learned to keep their feelings of hate and rage locked up inside and out of public view.

Over the years the U.S. Secret Service has protected elected leaders in the United States and in recent times this agency, that was originally founded to protect the U.S. dollar from counterfeiters, has expanded it's protection to candidates running for President of the United States. Considering the shear numbers of U.S. citizens that still hold racist thoughts in their hearts, this move by the Congress and Secret Service is a prudent one, in my opinion. I believe Senator Obama has a real shot at getting the Democratic nomination for President because millions of people are completely burned out on the Clinton family.

I consider myself a moderate person that leans sightly to the right in political considerations. However, I have been listening closely to what Obama has to say and I believe this man has a pure heart and will stand up not only for his beliefs and convictions, but also for other people in the United States that are less liberal than himself. Hopefully, the U.S. Secret Service will be successful in keeping Barack Obama safe and secure during this election campaign. I look forward to listening to more of Obama's ideas and considering those ideas as this election campaign moves forward.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Turns 21 - Rehab Around The Corner?

Lindsay Lohan will turn 21 years old in July and she recently said that she is looking forward to being able to legally drink alcohol in nightclubs and plans to "milk it" for all it's worth once she can drink legally. This fact totally caught me off guard because I thought she was already over the age of 21 because Lohan has been photographed dozens of times drinking booze in LA area clubs. While Lohan will most likely live it up for a few weeks, she will soon realize that drinking in nightclubs will lose it's luster without the "rush" of getting away with doing something wrong.

Just like Lindsay's running buddies, "Britney Spears" and "Paris Hilton", Lohan's all night partying has got her into "hot water" before and will, most likely, do so again. There are so few boundaries within the Hollywood community and there are even fewer people that are good role models for young actors and actresses that are wined and dinned for purely narcissistic reasons. In the case of Lindsay Lohan it is crystal clear that she has an alcohol problem in the fact she drinks most days/nights and she loves to talk about her "drug of choice" when interviewed in the media.

I wonder why the California police have allowed nightclubs in the Los Angeles area to get away with a slap on the wrest when they serve underage actresses like Lohan? It is not like there isn't enough evidence to crack down on them because hundreds of pictures are taken of Lohan every time she leaves her residence. More than likely, police in California are told to look the other way when someone famous breaks drinking laws because it might cause the department to look bad if they arrested someone famous like Lohan. To me, that attitude is wrong and it will eventually lead to more heartache and problems for her down the road.

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GOP Debate Night - McCain Working Hard For Conservatives

A few weeks ago, the Democratic candidates for President got together and had a debate on MSNBC cable television. Tonight it will be the Republican's turn and just like the Democrats, there are a couple of contenders at the top of the field with several other's pulling up the rear. From my perspective, "Rudy" is in the lead and his game plan for tonight should be to not make any huge mistakes that will come back to haunt him over the next few weeks.

John McCain is working hard to try and convince conservatives that he is the man for them, but in my opinion McCain not only will not win the GOP nomination for President, but he might just finish in third place or worse by the time the GOP convention rolls around. The strong lead in the polls by Giuliani has proven to me that while social issues are important to conservatives, national security concerns trump everything else when it comes to supporting a candidate for President.

Strong social conservatives are working hard to try and get someone else in the race for the GOP nomination with the top contender being Fred Thompson, an actor from the television show "Law and Order". While Thompson may eventually enter the race for the "White House", I do not think he has the power to derail the Giuliani campaign and for that fact I am thankful. The far right wing of the Republican Party has welded too much power in the GOP the past decade or so and it is time for the party to move back toward the center in 2008.

Fox News Mistake - Democrats Boycott Conservative Network

In my opinion it was a huge mistake for Democratic candidates for President of the United States to boycott Fox News in early contest debates. Whether people agree with Fox News or not on political coverage, the undeniable truth is that Fox News surpasses CNN, MSNBC and (CNN) Headline News in the ratings every single night. A few days ago I was reading some research information online about the audience make-up of Fox News. I was shock to find out that over 50% of the audience that watches Fox News does not regularly vote Republican.

The main person that pushed this Fox News boycott idea in the Democratic Party was John Edwards and in my opinion he will be the most damaged candidate in the Democratic field because of his less than well thought out position. Yes, the folks from the far political left loved the stand made by Edwards, but everyone else thought his decision was stupid. How in the world do Democratic candidates expect to ultimately win the "White House" if they pick and choose cable television networks in such a "picky" manner? Of all the potential Democratic candidates for President of the United States, John Edwards scares me the most.

It does not matter whether candidates in the Democratic Party approve or disapprove of the political commentary of the Fox News Channel. Millions of Americans have expressed their view, loud and clear, that they like what Fox News has to say in their daily programming choices and no serious candidate for President is going to be able to shun Fox News, in the long run, because millions of voters count on Fox News coverage when it comes to evaluating political candidates running for President of the United States.

Democrats - Leave Bush Adviser Karl Rove Alone

The new Democratically controlled Congress in Washington D.C. is Karl Rove obsessed and rather than working on real problems that face the American people, some Democratic leaders have made it their mission in life to bring down Karl Rove at all costs. The reason that some Democrats want to destroy Karl Rove is because he is a political genus that has found a way to derail their attempts to capture the White House on two different occasions.

The real problem with Democrats getting elected to the highest office in the land does not revolve around Karl Rove, but around the people that fund the Democratic party establishment. All Karl Rove has done since joining up with President Bush in 2000 is to call attention to the political nuts cases on the far left and associate those folks with democratic candidates John Kerry and Al Gore. Both Kerry and Gore were pretty far left, politically, themselves without any help from the far left craze's. However, once the big money from Hollywood started flowing to their campaign's, Karl Rove was able to tie each candidate in with out of touch left wingers most American voters detest.

To be fair, far right wing extremest are in the process of bring the Republican Party down, as well. When will politicians learn that most Americans are in the political center? Yes, it is necessary for Democratic candidates to run left when trying to get there party's nomination and yes it is necessary for Republican candidates to run right for the same reason. However, getting the nomination is only half the battle because in the end both Republican and Democratic candidates must convince the folks in the center that they will not destroy this country by implementing crazy extremist legislation that only benefits Americans at either political extreme.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Central Texas Floods Continue With No End In Sight

Once again today it rained and rained throughout Central Texas. A few months ago all the local weather experts were scared to death that our area would be forced to live through water rationing this summer because of a multi-year drought. Here in Waco it rained yesterday and then tonight it started raining around 8pm and it is still raining as I am writing this post at almost 11:30pm. My guess is that we have received at least two (2) inches of rain today.

All of our local lakes are filled to the brim with water and after today's extra dose of the wet stuff, most like the Army Coup of Engineers will be forced to let some water out of "Lake Waco". I was telling a coworker today that if the rain doesn't ease up enough to mow, over the next few days the grass in front of our office is going to get so high we won't be able to see the street by next week. I have lived in Waco since 1983 and this is the wettest spring I can remember. It has been raining at least once a week over the past month and in recent days it has been raining every few days.

This past weekend it was time to get my car inspected for the year and I am so glad that time came around because I had been putting off getting new windshield wiper blades for several months and those new ones, I was forced to buy on Saturday, really came in handy today. Most people know what the weather is like in Texas because President Bush vacations here every August. Most of the time the weather is hot and dry during the summer months and I am thankful to the man upstairs for this much need moisture and the filling of our local lakes and reservoirs.

Playing Games With American Troops In Iraq

Everyone knows that politics can be a tough game and the people that decide they want to play in this game understand the potential risk. However, I draw the line when political leaders decide to use U.S. troops as a weapon in their ideological fight for power. Using troops as a weapon is exactly what is happening right now in Washington D.C. as President Bush and Democrats in Congress are fighting over funding of the War in Iraq.

Every time I turn on the TV these days, there are commercials running trying to recruit young men and women for the armed services. It is totally understandable to me why young people do not want to sign up for the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines right now. If I were in my early teens or 20's I wouldn't want to sign up either. Both President Bush and Members of Congress are playing games with the lives of men and women in uniform and for no other reason than to try and win political points with voters.

There are political partisans on both sides of this issue, but I believe most Americans are disgusted with the political games being played in Washington D.C. right now using American soldiers as a weapon. There is something dirty that happens to regular people when the get a little bit of power and when these same folks get too much power it is like they lose their mind and think of no one else but themselves. From my viewpoint it is difficult to look at either side in this political debate about funding U.S. troops in Iraq and see anything except disgust.