Saturday, May 12, 2007

Amazing Grace Movie About British Slave Trade

My wife and I went to see a movie today that was different than almost any movie we have watched in years. The name of this movie was "Amazing Grace". The backdrop of this film took place in Great Britain in the late 1700's as the war against America was winding down and other battles faced the British Empire from France. After decades of legal trafficking of human beings from Africa, a couple of young "Members of Parliament" made a moral decision to devote their lives to the repeal of slavery in Great Britain and to set slaves free.

The very idea of this movie was attractive to me because the man that wrote the popular song, "Amazing Grace" was featured in this movie as a former slave trader that gave up his lucrative business to seek sanctuary in the teachings of God in later life. As the demons of his youth kept coming back to haunt him, this form slave trader eventually found the courage to face his bad deeds, write down his experiences and tooter a young Member of Parliament to take up the cause of abolishing slavery.

There is something magical, inspirational and moving about the simple song called "Amazing Grace". Even at happy times during my life this memorable song can almost bring me to tears. I remember as a young boy singing this song in church services and over the years I have heard it sung at countless funerals for friends and family members. The real power behind the words of "Amazing Grace" are found in the simplistic approach of the words and a melody that can bring goose bumps to even the most hard hearted of individuals.

The movie "Amazing Grace" was a tribute to the power of not giving up when faced with a big challenge of righting a wrong. While most people in Great Britain in the late 1700's were perfectly fine with the trafficking of Africans as slaves, over time a few consistent voices taught regular people how wrong this practice was and these same people changed a nation and eventually the world with their steps of courage to stand up and do the right thing. I greatly enjoyed this motion picture.

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