Monday, May 28, 2007

Lake Waco Runoff Causes Major Problems

As our long holiday weekend drew to a close today, my wife and I decided to travel out to the water release valve at Lake Waco. I had been to this location almost five years ago after another round of heavy rainfall hit our area and today I wanted to go again because I heard that the Army Corp of Engineers was once again releasing a bunch of water. Before we headed to the dam, we decided to head out over the twin bridges to see just how much water was in Lake Waco. To my surprise, the lake was at a very high level and most likely it will continue to rise for several more days even with millions of gallons of water puring out of the lake every few minutes.

As a young boy I remember being fascinated with the raw power and strength of water running uncontrolled down rivers and springs and how nothing man can do will stop such a process if Mother Nature is running at full force. Today's visit to the dam at Lake Waco was again an exciting experience for me because when a person is up close and in person at such a sight it is truly amazing to watch millions of gallons of water heading out of that lake and into the Brazos River. I remember taking several trips to the "Hoover Dam" when visiting Las Vegas. While taking the tour of that facility it is difficult to imagine how engineers and workmen were able to construct such a dam without the aid of computers and high tech equipment.

Unlike watching flowing water on television or in the movies, in real life the sound of the water and the moisture in the air cause the experience to be much different in person. I have never visited Niagara Falls, but it is beautiful to look at on television as the water pours over the rim. However, in much the same way looking at escaping water at Lake Waco was much different in person today than I saw on the 10 o'clock news later in the day. To be honest I think it is the sound of running water that gives a first hand viewing it's power. As that water rushed from Lake Waco today, I felt a tremendous sense of humility and a sense of how small I really am in the eyes of Mother Nature.

If you have never visited in person the release of huge sums of water, you might want to consider doing so in the near future. To be near such untamed power is something truly remarkable to witness first hand.

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