Monday, June 25, 2007

Fracture Movie Both Good And Bad

My wife and I traveled to our local Waco, Tx dollar theater yesterday to watch a movie called "Fracture" staring Anthony Hopkins. From my point of view this movie was very good right up until the ending which was a total disappointment. If you are planning to see this movie, please stop reading right now because this posting is going to explain many parts of this complicated Hollywood script. The good parts of "Fracture" involved the superior writing for the main character in the movie played by Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins was a successful business man that finds out his wife is having an affair with a police detective.

In brilliant style, Hopkins comes up with a way to kill his wife and not only get away with her murder, but also cause the police detective that was having an affair with her to crack up and eventually commit suicide. In what would be torture for most people, Hopkins planned his moves for a long time to make sure that he would be able to commit this murder and also get away with it in a court of law. In one of the most strange twists I have ever seen in a motion picture, Hopkins then in cold blood shoots his wife in the head and then makes sure that several windows in the house are also shot out so gardeners that are taking care of his lawn are sure to call the police.

When the police arrive, the detective that is having an affair with Hopkins wife arrives to find that the woman he is having an affair with is laying on the floor near death. After some taunting by Hopkins, the police detective attacks him which allows Hopkins the opportunity to switch the gun he shot his wife with to the police detective in the house. As Hopkins goes to trial for attempted murder of his wife he decides to defend himself and he quickly overcomes the district attorney because the young DA has just received a major job offer and his mind has already left the office of District Attorney.

After more than an hour and a half of watching Anthony Hopkins' character weave the criminal justice system in a way that was brilliant, the ending of this movie involved a small slip up by Hopkins which I will not reveal, but needless to say it was unbelievable that a man with this kind of intelligence would be tripped up in this way. "Fracture" was a very interesting movie, but the ending left me flat. However, if you like an interesting script, you will love "Fracture" right up until the ending.

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