Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Paul Potts Opera Emotional Reaction

What can I say about a man by the name of Paul Potts who until recently was a mobile phone salesman in Great Britain. Last night after work, I logged onto MSNBC's web site and watched the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams as I do most weekday evenings. One of the stories was about a man named Paul Potts who had just won a reality TV show contest in the U.K. over the weekend.

The whole story behind Paul Potts' rags to richest story was something I found interesting so I went to Utube and found his audition for the show and was completely blown away by the voice on this young man. In almost an embarrassing way I found myself watching this man preform the same song over a dozen times on Utube last night. I consider myself a hard bitten realist in life, but Paul Potts' voice cause such a deep emotional reaction inside my soul that it is difficult to describe exactly what I was feeling.

After going to bed last night my mind was filled with the amazing voice of Paul Potts' and the way this man changed not only his on life this past weekend, but probably the lives of millions of people that will enjoy his music for years to come. Someone said once that when it comes to Opera people either love it or hate it the first time they are exposed. In my life I have not been exposed to Opera on very many occasion so Paul Potts' performance on Utube was my first real chance to experience the whole concept of what that music genre has to offer.

I guess I am now one of those people that loves Opera and for the life of me I don't really understand why, but I do. I can't remember a time in my life when an individual music performance caused such deep emotional feelings inside of me as when I listened to Paul Potts' sing on "Britain's Got Talent" program via Utube. All day today I was hearing Potts' amazing voice in my head and walking around with a smile on my face. There is power in Opera and in the voice of Paul Potts' for those of us that do love Opera music.

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