Saturday, July 28, 2007

Deep Denial In Paris Hilton's Mind

After serving jail time for repeatedly violating her parole, Paris Hilton visited the Larry King Live Show a few days after her release and told Larry that she had not taken illegal drugs in her entire life. While anything is possible, I find that statement by Paris Hilton as nothing more than living in a state of complete denial and it shows even more evidence that she has a long way to go before she is able to start the healing process in her life.

Either every reporter that follows Paris Hilton for a living is lying about her drug use or Ms. Hilton is lying to the public via the Larry King Show. Considering some of the answers to questions she gave on that show, I find it hard to really believe anything Paris Hilton has to say about just about anything. She lives in a fantasy world where unfortunately for her outside people sometimes get in the way and try and make her play by the same rules as everyone else.

It is too early to say that Paris Hilton is a "lost cause", but she may be getting close because every year that goes by without her coming out of her fantasy shell and learning the benefits of living in the real world, will work against her. If there was a poll taken of the most hated person in the world right now, I am sure that Paris Hilton would rank high in the survey. However, I find it hard to hate Paris Hilton because she was not born the way she is today; instead she was turned into a brat by her parents by not providing the necessary no answers to bad requests during her childhood.

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