Monday, July 23, 2007

New Britney Spears Tell All Interview Talk

According to Internet news reports, Britney Spears is ready to have a "tell all" interview with OK! Magazine. I heard that Britney Spears has fired just about everyone in her life and actually negotiated the interview deal by herself. How do you spell disaster? When it comes to poor judgment, Britney Spears takes the cake and my guess is that when she sits down with OK! Magazine she will blame all of her problems on everyone except herself.

It is amazing that anyone is really that interested in reading about Britney Spears anymore. Like many of the famous "boy bands" of the 1990's, Britney Spears was pretty much created more for her Barbie doll image than for her real musical talent. Now with her entire life in shambles, if Britney Spears stays true to form; she will blame all of her problems like drug abuse which lead to rehab on someone else. Narcissism runs wild in the Hollywood community and that leads to tremendous denial which eventually leads to destroyed lives and sometimes even the death of famous people.

I guess there is a possibility that Britney Spears wants to do this interview with OK! Magazine to take responsibility for mistakes in her life and start the healing process, but if she does it will be a huge shock to almost everyone in the world. My feeling is that Britney Spears with use this magazine interview to strike out at everyone that loves her and to continue to blame problems in her life on everyone except herself.

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