Sunday, July 22, 2007

Paris Hilton Falls For Australian Car Thief

Just when it seemed that everything strange had already happen to Paris Hilton, news is now coming out of Hollywood that she has been seen with a young man by the name of Tyler Atkins, a young man from Australia. Before moving to the United States, Mr. Atkins' biggest claim to fame was stealing cars. However, now that Tyler Atkins has moved to the U.S. he has turned his life around and now spends his time dating rich and beautiful young women like Paris Hilton and designing T-Shirts and doing some modeling.

I remember hearing excerpts of Paris Hilton's interview on Larry King Live where she said that she was a changed woman after serving jail time recently for a DUI probation violation and part of that change would be to drop the dumb act and start acting like a more intelligent young woman. Well, if Paris Hilton truly believes that dating someone like Tyler Atkins is going to prove that she is now acting more mature in the eyes of the American people, I guess she just doesn't understand what acting more mature is really all about.

While it is fun entertainment for most people to follow the self destructive life of Paris Hilton, the truth is that she is not very smart when it comes to using common sense in life and the reason Paris Hilton finds it so difficult to live a normal life free of trouble is because she has never been taught boundaries by her parents. Since the beginning of time there have been stories about people being born with a "silver spoon in their mouths" and those stories have always ended in the same way with a person ill equipped to deal with life in a reasonable way. Yes, it is fun to watch Paris Hilton mess up everything in her life; but it is also sad to see such a young person already in so much personal trouble and no family member in sight trying to express "tough love" in order to save them.

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