Sunday, July 15, 2007

Paris - Special Treatment Once Again - Hilton

I cannot remember anyone in my almost 50 years of life that is universally hated more than Paris Hilton. After being released from jail early a couple of months ago, it seemed like the entire population of the world shouted out with one voice, no and after only one day of freedom she was sent back to the slammer to serve her full jail sentence. I too believe that Paris Hilton is a spoiled rotten brat, but I don't hate her; instead I petty her because of the environment that her mother and father raised her in that ill prepared her for the real world.

Too many times we have all been witness to rich kids growing up without a clue of what it takes to be a solid citizen of this world. Paris Hilton falls into that category, but rather than blame her totally for that; her parents should also bare a great deal of responsibility as well. Today there are more stories pointing to how Paris Hilton was given special treatment when she served her jail time in the Los Angeles County jail. I have a feeling that most of these new stories are generated by jail employees hoping to cash in on the fact they were on the job when Paris Hilton was incarcerated.

Paris Hilton is a person everyone loves to hate, but I still have memories of Anna Nichole Smith and we all should remember what can happen to someone when rules and bounders are not a part of their life. I believe that out of control young people can learn from there mistakes if they are given the chance and privilege to fall flat on their face and experience the pain of doing the wrong thing. So far, Paris Hilton's parents have not let her take these falls alone and that is why she will most likely be forced to fall again and again before she learns that there are consequences for bad behavior in this world.

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