Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cradle To Grave Tax Policy Hurts Economy

In Washington and state capital's around the country, politicians are always looking for new ways to increase taxes on an already overburden population. In recent years, the big push for any new tax policy surrounds political talk of how this or that new tax will effect, "the children". The new mantra in politics today tries to paint anyone that opposes a new tax increase as somehow being again the children which that tax is suppose to help.

As time has gone by this "for the children" mentality has gone from crazy to down right insane as state governments are now funding children's programs with tobacco, alcohol, gasoline and even lap dance taxes all for the children. The dirty little secret about these sin taxes is that most of the time the money collected from the tax is put into the general fund and while education is part of that general fund the new tax policy is not generated directly for the children.

In my opinion there are already too many taxes on the American people right now and the only way to keep future tax increases in check is to fight like hell against any new tax even when tricky politicians try and say the funds will be, "for the children". Government has never been able to live within it's means and that also will never change, so the only thing that tax payers can do is oppose most new tax increases and force the federal and state governments to better appropriate the money they already have.

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