Sunday, August 12, 2007

Merv Griffin Cancer Victim Dead Age 82

Just yesterday I was writing about the grave condition of Merv Griffin and this morning I wake up to find out that he has lost his battle with prostate cancer and died at the age of 82. For my generation, Merv Griffin was a household name and I remember as a young boy heading home from school and watching his afternoon talk show on television.

Later in life, Merv Griffin was responsible for creating the still popular syndicated television show "Wheel of Fortune" which is still a hit today all across the world. Even people in casino's are familiar with Wheel of Fortune because of the popularity of a slot machine by the same name. For most people like myself, the biggest memory we will carry of Merv Griffin is that billion dollar smile he always had on his talk show.

In my generation, talk show host like Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas were very popular on television. Just like Diana Shore and late night legend Johnny Carson. There are two things that really dominate my mind as I reflect on the death of Merv Griffin and those two things are the realization of my own mortality as father time catches up with me and my ever growing anger at the disease called cancer that takes the lives of far too many people.

Rest in peace, Merv Griffin. Your life touch the hearts of millions of people worldwide and the world is a better place because of you.

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