Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Paris Hilton The Real Estate Mogul

First we had the old Paris Hilton who slept all day and then partied all night before she got into trouble with the police and court system. Then we got the crying right before being sent back to the slammer Paris Hilton a few months ago after which she went on "Larry King Live" and told the world she was going to drop the dumb act and start living her life as the intelligent woman that she is. Now, there is even another act we are witnessing from Paris Hilton and in this new act she wants to be a Real Estate Mogul.

Paris Hilton is living in some kind of dreamland where few people go outside of pure fantasy. Now I am not saying that Paris Hilton could not make money in the real estate business, but for her to somehow imagine herself as a big time Real Estate Mogul goes far beyond fantasy and lands somewhere in the land of kookiness. I heard rumors a few weeks ago that Paris Hilton's grandfather was so upset with the way she is living her life that he threatened to cut her out of his will.

If that is true, then these new ideas by Paris Hilton probably have more to do with keeping grandpa happy than anything else. One can only imagine how disappointed Barron Hilton must be with his granddaughter, Paris, and the way she has been leading her life. The monarch of the Hilton family business worked hard to give the Hilton Hotel Chain a distinction of class where guests would go out of their way to find one of Hilton's hotels because of the chains high quality standards.

Unfortunately today, when people hear the name Hilton they think less of a high quality hotel operation than they do of a spoil Hollywood brat that has no clue what real life is all about.

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