Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Paris Hilton's Neighbors Thrilled About Move

After all the late night parties and all night stake outs at Paris Hilton's home in the Hollywood Hills, by the paparazzi, Ms. Hilton announced yesterday that she is putting that home up for sale and moving out. Everyone alive has had bad neighbors before, but I have never had one that was a multi-millionaire like Paris Hilton.

While I was listening to the radio yesterday I heard a reporter asking Paris Hilton's neighbors about how they felt about her selling the home and leaving the neighborhood. Universally, they were happy to see her go and I don't blame them. Paris Hilton sounds like a neighbor from hell with all of her late night parties and paparazzi hanging around trying to take her picture at all hours of the day and night.

Most neighborhoods have zoning regulations to keep certain things from lowing property values. Most of these regulation include things like not having parked cars on the street for too long or having regulations about not having motor homes and such cluttering up the street. However, I wonder if some Hollywood neighborhoods might be thinking about upgrading there neighborhood regulations to include a no Paris Hilton zone, just like they regulate almost everything else?

It would be hard to blame them considering most people that can afford multi-million dollar homes do not consider people like Paris Hilton and the folks she hangs out with as good neighbors.

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