Thursday, August 02, 2007

Paul W. Smith In For Rush Limbaugh Today

Rush Limbaugh took the day off today in order to attend a "super secret meeting", his words, not mine and a talk show host from Detroit, Paul W. Smith took over the microphone at the EIB Network in New York City. Like millions of other people that enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh on a daily basis, I am always disappointed when he is not on the air. However, I have heard Paul W. Smith substituted for Rush Limbaugh several times now and he certainly does a good job when Rush is away.

Some of the topics on the Thursday Rush Limbaugh Show included comments by Barack Obama about potentially attacking Pakistan if he is elected President. From my point of view, Barack Obama is starting to be less of a pacifist and more of a lone wolf as he tries to find his way toward a victory in the 2008 democratic race for president. Also, Newt Gingrich was on the Rush Limbaugh Show today and the longer Newt is out of Washington politics the crazier his ideas for America become.

The big thing that Newt Gingrich was promoting on the Rush Limbaugh Show today was an idea to pay poor children for staying in school and making good grades. While this idea might sound good when a former powerful politician brings up the idea, in reality the whole idea of paying some students for doing well in school and not paying others for doing even better is not only crazy, but it is stupid as well. The Newt Gingrich idea I heard on the Rush Limbaugh Show today would only compensate children that are poor if they stay in school and make good grades. Children from middle class and rich families would receive nothing.

I believe it is time to realize that there are some things that can't be fixed in America and one of those things is a lack of desire on the part of some people not to try and do well in school or in the workplace. Yes, it is sad when children do not do well in school and it is also sad when people on the job do not excel and move up the corporate ladder. However, if the idea of competition is taken out of the education system in the United States and replaced with a financial one for some and nothing for the rest, then where does that leave a competition system that the very backbone of the United States is built upon?

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