Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shrek 3 Movie Myers Murphy Fantastic Review

The new Shrek Movie, "Shrek 3", hit the local dollar theater here in Waco last weekend, so the wife and I decided to see the latest in this series of movies that has made us laugh before. "Shrek 3" was every bit as good as the last two in this successful movie series and I believe everyone that loved the first two Shrek Movies should see this new one as well.

The dynamic dueo of Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy once again brought this animated series to life with their wonderful vocal performances. While watching Shrek 3 today my mind kept going back to how much hard work goes into making an animated movie these day. First, a group of writers must compose a good script and then hundreds of animators have to work on getting each screen shot just right, long before Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy ever enter the picture.

Usually when a movie opens the discount dollar theaters, it will only be a few weeks before they arrive on DVD at Netflix and at Blockbuster stores. When Shrek 3 goes on sale at video stores sometime later this month, I predict a huge amount of demand from the public to not only rent this new movie but purchase it as well. Christmas is only a few short months away and I predict millions of people will buy Shrek 3 on DVD and give it as Christmas presents to happy children and grandchildren around the world.

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