Sunday, September 30, 2007

Steve Fossett Still Missing - New Clues Surface

Legendary aviator and round the world record breaker, Steve Fossett, is still missing after more than a month of intense searching by rescue professionals and armature searchers from around the world. The biggest question still remaining in the disappearance of Steve Fossett is, where exactly is his crashed airplane and will his body ever be recovered? Over the years, hundreds of aviators have crashed and their bodies have never been found in the vast uninhabited areas of the great western United States. There is a good chance that Steve Fossett's wrecked airplane and body will not be discovered for decades.

In a strange sort of way, the disappearance of Steve Fossett is a wake up call about how modern technology, while very advanced in this modern day and age, is not all that it is cracked up to be on television shows like CSI. The world is a vast area of landmass that is not only difficult to travel, but it is almost impossible to search even with modern airplanes and satellites scanning the most small details on the planet. Modern movies and television shows have gone into great detail about how it is almost impossible for someone to disappear from the ever watchful eyes of the government officials. However, the disappearance of Steve Fossett, a very well know individual traveling by small plane has somehow been able to get lost and even the vast resources of the federal government has not able to find him or his airplane.

I remember the last time my wife and I flew to Las Vegas for a vacation. At that time I remember looking out of our airplanes window and thinking to myself just how vast the desert is in that part of the United States. While flying at 36,000 feet, all I could see was a vast area of sand and open land that could hide almost anything from the watchful eyes of people flying overhead or watching via satellite. More than likely Steve Fossett will eventually be found, but the most likely scenario under which his plane and body will be found will happen when some expedition is traveling by foot through the desert and accidentally stumbles upon his crashed aircraft.

While the most likely death of Steve Fossett will not be confirmed for a long time, I still stand behind my belief that if this adventurous man had to die that day, he did so doing something he really loved which was spreading his wings and flying his own aircraft into the vast reaches of the U.S. southwest.

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Dallas Cowboys' For Real - Beat Rams 4-0 Start

While today's victory by the Dallas Cowboys over the St. Louis Rams was not that big of a surprise, the real news is that the Dallas Cowboys' are off to a wonderful start in the 2007 NFL Football Season and some true blue Cowboys' fans are already thinking about the playoffs and a possible Superbowl season this year. I must admit that head coach Wade Phillips has put something special in the water out at Valley Ranch because the Dallas Cowboys are looking like a playoff contention team after their first four (4) regular season games.

No one really thought that the Dallas Cowboys' would be sitting with a 4-0 record this season and that is why the brand of football that Wade Phillips has brought to this team is so special. As an origional doubter of the wisdom of the hiring of Coach Phillips to lead the team, I have now made a 180 degree turn in my opinion of this coach and in the judgment of Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones. I was only able to watch some of the first quarter today in the Cowboy's game against the Rams and during the first part of the game, the score was very tight for a long time. Unfortunately, I was tired this afternoon after a long week at work, so I took a nap during the rest of the Dallas Cowboys' game.

After waking up I checked the score of the game and found that Dallas easily defeated the Rams by a score of 35-7. I kind of wish that I would have waited until the end of the game to take that nap today, but there was little doubt that the Cowboys' would not beat the struggling and winless St. Louis Rams team. The Dallas Cowboys' have so much talent and between the outstanding quarter back skills of Tony Romo and the ball catching ability of T.O. and Witten; the Dallas Cowboys are turning out to be the team to beat in 2007.

My two favorite teams in the NFL are the Dallas Cowboys and the Indianapolis Colts. I have speculated several times here about how great I think it would be to see a Superbowl game between the Dallas Cowboys' and the Indianapolis Colts. Could 2007 be the year that the Cowboys and Colts meet in the big game? I certainly hope so and in my opinion it would be a game that could go down in history as being one of the best Superbowl Sunday's in the history of the game.

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Mitt Romney Overcoming Religious Bias In Election

There are two (2) candidates in the race for the White House in 2008 that have a tougher time getting support from some Americans. Those candidates are Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Yesterday, I wrote about some of the issues, including race, that will effect Barack Obama's candidacy for the democratic nomination and today I would like to discuss the pitfalls that Mitt Romney will also face as the first Republican Primaries grow ever closer with each passing day. As most people know, Mitt Romney is a Mormon. While I have never met a Mormon that did not have strong family values, there are some religious extremist that still believe that Mormon's are some kind of religious cult and that they should not be trusted.

Mitt Romney has been working hard, for years, trying to get the GOP to accept him as a true Republican and for the past twelve (12) months or so he has been working hard to be accepted by religious conservatives that make up a large percentage of the GOP base of voters in primaries. While I believe Mitt Romney has made progress in getting some religious conservatives to support his campaign for President of the United States, so far he has not made enough progress to be in the lead in the Republican race. It doesn't help Mitt Romney when a crazy nut like, Warren Jeffs' is front page news around the United States and along with Jeffs' name, his Mormon religion shares the same headline.

Personally I could care less about Mitt Romney's religion. I prefer to focus on which candidate best expresses my own person opinions on the issues of the day. While I more closely support Rudy Giuliani for President, I also like many of the ideas that have been proposed by Mitt Romney and I personally think he is getting a raw deal from many ideologues on the far right who are refusing to support him solely because of his personal religious beliefs. Mitt Romney has proven that he can run a business successfully and he has also proven that he can run a state government and do so in one of the most liberal areas of the country, as a Republican. It is truly a shame that some people are so brain washed by certain religions that they black list an intelligent candidate like, Mitt Romney, solely based on something some preacher has told them about the Mormon religion of the past being a cult.

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Faith Hill Talks About Carrie Underwood - 2006 CMA Awards

Most fans of Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill remember the 2006 CMA Awards because of the actions of Faith Hill, who was standing backstage when Carrie Underwood's name was called as the "Female Vocalist of the Year". As the network television camera turned to Faith Hill she looked shocked, put her hands in the air, mouthed the word "what" and then turned to walk off stage. Faith Hill is now talking about that night and even admits that she thought about quiting the music business as the media went 24/7 trying to digest whether she was just joking or was she a modern day Nashville sore loser?

When I first saw the Faith Hill reaction clip on YouTube, I too was a little taken aback by her reaction when Carrie Underwood won the award. Over the years I had read some stories about Faith Hill getting angry about one thing or the other, but I could not recall many news stories that revealed her sometimes wry sense of humor. Since the 2006 CMA Awards it has become clear that Faith Hill not only has a strange sense of humor, but she also is very protective of her husband, Tim McGraw. Only a few short months ago, Faith Hill walked on stage when her husband was being groped by a fan and gave a young fan a stiff talking to about messing around with her man.

While I am a huge fan of Carrie Underwood, I also have enjoyed listening to Faith Hill music over the years. I take Faith Hill at her word that she was just joking when she mouthed "what" after Carrie Underwood won "Female Vocalist of the Year" back in 2006. I too have a weird sense of humor that has gotten me into trouble with some folks from time to time, so I can relate to the shock Faith Hill had when the media turned on her as a sore loser only hours after the 2006 CMA Awards had concluded. In typical Carrie Underwood style, she never took Faith Hill's actions in a negative way and she never tired to get even because of a joke that somehow went wrong on that show.

It is funny how sometimes the lives of country music stars take on the same tabloid life as the lyrics of many of the songs they sing. Some people have said that country music lyrics are what real life is all about for millions of people around the world and that is why this simple, yet powerful brand of music has stood the test of time.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

President Barack Obama - A Real Possibility?

There are so many issues surrounding the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States that it is hard to know where begin. In addition to Barack Obama's attempt to beat one of the best known women in the world for the democratic nomination, there are issues of his extreme liberalism and yes probably the most important factor, his African-American race. In a perfect world, race would not matter, but unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world. My opinion is that while I and most people I know could care less whether Barack Obama is African-American, there are thousands of throw backs to another day and time that will never accept a man or woman of color as a U.S. leader. In recent years, racism has been driven underground, just like smoking. It is much harder to spot a true racist because they never really speak their mind in this currently politically correct world.

As we have all learned in elections of the past, real racist even lie to political pollsters. On many different occasions, African-American candidates have polled much better than they have preformed on elections day. There is little doubt that racism was the factor in the difference between what voters told poll takers and who they actually voted for when they cast their secret ballot. While most polls show Hillary Clinton in a strong lead against Barack Obama, for Senator Obama to really have a chance to win he must have a commanding lead in the polls before people start showing up to vote in the presidential primaries. While race is a major barrier for Barack Obama to overcome with some voters, there are other issues that will make it difficult for him to work his way to the top of the democratic pack of candidates.

Add to the race factor, the extreme liberal views of Barack Obama and he will have a very difficult time running successfully in the U.S. heartland because his views on the major issues of the day come from a very liberal slant. Liberalism is another area of polling where people say one thing to pollsters and do another when they show up to cast their votes on election day. The biggest problem Barack Obama and other democratic candidates for President will face are the extreme different opinions of liberalism in New York and California versus the U.S. heartland and deep south. In many ways, the United States is two different counties; one on the East and West coast and another in the U.S. heartland. All the democratic candidates, including Barack Obama are running so far left right now that it will be difficult to move back toward the center once someone wins the nomination and the day comes to challenge the GOP in the general election.

Is a President Barack Obama a real possibility? Yes, he could win sometime in the future, but 2008 is not going to be his year and the most important reason he will not win is not because of his African-American race or extreme liberalism, but because Hillary Clinton is in the race against him and frankly no Democrat really had a chance this year against her powerful campaign team.

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UAW/GM Reach Quick Settlement After Strike

Early this week I wrote about my amazement and anger at the UAW decision to strike General Motors (GM) when contract talks broke down. All of the U.S. "Big Three" automobile companies are struggling right now to keep their heads above water, financially. In the new world of globalization, the old way of doing business in Detroit just doesn't work anymore because Japanese manufactures are able to build better quality cars and trucks cheaper than domestic companies like GM, Ford and Chrysler. In my head, I had a picture of a strike that would last several weeks to one month which would cause the ultimate failure of General Motors. Thankfully, that picture in my head of a long strike at GM did not happen and no real long term damage was done to General Motors in this short strike by the UAW.

I have said before and I will say again that most labor unions, while very useful in the early part of the 1900's, outlived their usefulness and have become more akin to political action committees for Democrats and less a useful tool for blue collar working men and women. The biggest problem I have with labor unions and the entire labor movement in general is the lack of competition based advancement that is allow inside of unions. Almost everything labor unions stand up for is totally based on seniority and not merit when promoting and/or advancing organized labor workers. Often times, experience does not add up to the best person for advancement and sometimes it leads to older workers becoming lazy and uncompetitive in a very competitive worldwide marketplace.

General Motors (GM) is in a fight for it's life right now against highly competitive corporate leaders in Japan and other industrialized nations. I believe GM management knows this fact all to well and with the short nature of this weeks UAW strike against General Motors, maybe labor leaders are starting to understand this fact as well. The worst thing that could happen to America is for us to lose our "Big Three" automobile companies and have the Japanese take over the entire U.S. marketplace. While I still believe that the average worker at GM, Ford and Chrysler would do better financially without the UAW, it was a good sign this week when both labor and management settled this strike quickly and enabled GM to get on with the business of trying to save itself from bankruptcy.

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Newt Gingrich Says No To Presidential Bid

Former GOP Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, made it official today that he will not seek the Republican nomination for President in 2008. While there were a few Republicans that were eager to see Newt Gingrich enter the 2008 race for the GOP nomination, I did not consider myself in that crowd. To me, Newt Gingrich is yesterday's news and while he had his chance in a major leadership position, in the Republican Party, he pretty much destroyed himself because of his lack of fidelity in his marriage. I enjoyed listening to Newt Gingrich talk about his ideas for American on radio talk shows, but listening to him talk as a GOP leader and having him serve as the President of the United States are totally separate issues for me.

Back when Newt Gingrich lead the GOP to victory in the House of Representatives in 1994, I was one of the most conservative Republicans living in the United States. However, viewing a potential conservative government from afar turned out to be a much more pleasant picture than seeing it close up under the leadership of Newt Gingrich. Through that past ten years or so I have found my personal politics turning more in a moderate direction because conservatism when practiced in it's pure form is just as bad as hard-core liberalism. Newt Gingrich is one of the most conservative politicians to serve in the U.S. government and President Bush runs a close second. Any time a hard-core liberal or conservative is elected to our nations highest office, polarization is sure to follow because the other side of the political divide will fight every new idea proposed by the President, whether it is a good idea or not.

In reality, Newt Gingrich always knew that he could not win the GOP nomination for President in 2008 and that is the main reason he has decided not to run. There are already plenty of candidates crowding the GOP field and Newt Gingrich would only make a current cloudy picture even worse with his entry into the race at this late date. In reality, the speculation of a potential White House run gave Newt Gingrich just what he really wanted and that was a national platform to discuss ideas that are important to him. Make no mistake, Newt Gingrich will be an important player in GOP politics not only in 2008 but in the years to come because when Newt Gingrich talks, millions of GOP voters are sure to be listening.

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Nancy Pelosi Prays For President Bush

I almost had to laugh out loud yesterday when I heard Nancy Pelosi say, that she was praying for President Bush, in the hope he would change his mind on children's health care. President Bush thanked her and he said that he admired people that never give up. However, in the end it will take more than Nancy Pelosi's prayers to change President Bush's mind, instead it will take major changes in this bloated legislation that is more a desired to expand the governments role in health care, by Democrats, than to actually help poor children with health insurance. In a recent poll, 44% of the American people said they wanted to have free health care in the United States. While this figure was shockingly high according to some experts, I am surprised that the percentage in favor wasn't even higher considering the word "free" was used in the question.

There are millions of people, like myself, that understand all to well that there is nothing in this world that is REALLY free. Even if I don't have to pay for a service, someone is having to pay for it, in one way or another. The truth is that millions of Americans love the idea of getting something for nothing and that mind set could spell a disaster for the U.S. health care system in the years to come. The biggest problem with government run health care is that once the government takes control over in business, they start trying to control the population and it's behavior. I wish some polling company would change the question in a poll at some future date to say, "would you like free health care in the United States, if the price you pay for that free health care is that the government is allowed to control your personal choices". If worded in that correct way, I believe that 44% of people wanting free health care number would decrease considerably.

There is a battle of wills being played out in Washington right now between liberals and conservatives on the issue of health care. Liberals firmly believe that a government run system would be best while conservatives want to give additional incentives to make the current U.S. health care system more competitive. Like with most issues, the best answer is found in the middle ground where new incentives are given to doctors and hospitals to start competing and government run insurance is provided for the poorest among us that cannot afford health care. Washington is so polarized right now between liberals and conservative that neither side is will to give an inch when it comes to compromising their core beliefs in order to improve the U.S. health care system. While Pelosi and Bush continue to pray for each other, nothing important is being done to address the underlying problem.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Rush Limbaugh Against The World - Global Warming

Even the most conservative President in the history of the United States, George W. Bush, is now admitting that Global Warming is the real deal and with this bombshell announcement via Secretary of State Rice, speaking for the Bush administration, where does that leave conservative radio talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh? To put it simply they are being left hung out to dry by President Bush. For years, Rush Limbaugh and other conservative radio talk show hosts have called the entire "Global Warming" movement a liberal conspiracy to take the U.S. government in a more liberal direction. However, with President Bush now siding with folks in the middle and on the left of this issue, many moderate Republicans like myself will start to consider more the science of this issue of Global Warming rather than the political hype that is made by Rush Limbaugh and others on conservative talk radio.

I must admit that I still have deep doubts as to the wisdom of "man made Global Warming" since the Earth has always been in a state of change from a cool environment to a warm one over a cycle of centuries. It has only been in the last 100 years or so that man was even able to calculate temperatures, year over year and how do any of us really know if the current warming trend is due to increase releases in carbon, by man, or is this just another one of those Earth cycles that seems to repeat itself over the history of the planet? I am not smart enough to answer that question and neither are most scientist that study this issue for a living. The biggest fact that keeps me from jumping on the Global Warming bandwagon happened when I was a kid growing up back in the 1970's. During that period of time I remember watching a show on PBS called "Nova" where scientist were claiming that "Global Cooling" would be the death of us all before the year 2000.

The biggest problem with science and scientist is that the whole issue of Global Warming has turned into a political "hot potato" over the years. That said, it is hard for people like myself to accept the word of scientist that are bought and paid for by the likes of Al Gore and other left wing liberals that care more about power than the truth on this issue. That said, if the most conservative President of the United States in history, George W. Bush, is now starting to side with the likes of Al Gore, then I must admit that there might be something to this issue of "man made Global Warming" and while it is very hard for people like me to believe that we humans are causing the potential destruction of our planet - I do still have faith in the word of George W. Bush and I will listen to what he and others in his administration have to say about this issue in the upcoming days. There are still issues that should transcend party affiliation and the state of our planet should be at the top of that list.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Troops Stay - Democrats Debate Iraq War

I was working last night when democratic candidates for President of the United States debated on MSNBC. However, I was able to catch a few sound bites and from what I heard and was able to read on the Internet, all the major democratic candidates for President would not agree to pull troops out of Iraq during their first term as President. Wow, I can't believe that these major democratic candidates for President are saying exactly the same thing President Bush has been saying for over four (4) years. The only major difference is that the major democratic candidates for President want President Bush to pull the troops out of Iraq now, so he will be blamed for the disastrous consequences of such a stupid decision and more importantly they will not be faced with the same choices he is facing, right now, if one of them is lucky enough to win voters support next November and become the next President of the United States.

A few months ago I would have thought that Democrats had an excellent chance to win the White House in 2008. However, with each passing day the rhetoric I hear from candidates like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards on the Iraq War are causing me to think twice about that possibility. Ever since last Novembers election sweep by Democrats in the Congress, I have heard little else except that they credit their victory in that election to the American people's desire to see U.S. troops pulled out of Iraq at the earliest possible date. However, when push comes to shove, none of the major democratic candidates for president will even commit to a U.S. troop pull out of Iraq during their first term in office as President. Do these candidates know how stupid they really look to the American people? Probably not!

What is really happening here is that President Bush is running circles around these liberal politicians that are running for President on the democratic ticket. In reality, most Republicans and Democrats understand that the United States must win the war in Iraq, but in fairness most democratic candidates for President would accept a U.S. defeat if they could saddle that defeat around the neck of President Bush. Unlike, far left wing nuts - most of the candidates that have a chance to win the nomination and face the Republicans next November understand all to well that the American people, while very angry at President Bush, DO NOT want defeat in Iraq. It really doesn't matter who is elected President of the United States in 2008 when it comes to the War in Iraq. U.S. troops are going to stay in that country for decades and when all is said and done, Iraq will be a major turning point in the war against terrorism, worldwide.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Keith Urban Expands 2007 Concert Schedule

One of my favorite singers, Keith Urban has expanded his fall concert schedule to include more dates and more locations. Here are the latest dates and concert locations for Keith Urban's "Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy World Tour".

November 2007
1 - Columbus, OH - Schottenstein Center
2 - Grand Rapids, MI - Van Andel Arena
3 - Auburn Hills, MI - Palace of Auburn Hills
8 - Indianapolis, IN - Conseco Fieldhouse
9 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena
10 - Buffalo, NY - HSBC Arena
11 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mellon Arena
16 - Rosemont, IL - Allstate Arena
17 - St. Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center
29 - Knoxville, TN - Thompson Boling Arena
30 - Nashville, TN - Sommet Center

December 2007
1 - Birmingham, AL - BJCC Arena
2 - Little Rock, AR - Alltel Arena
7 - Jacksonville, FL - Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena
9 - Tampa, FL - St. Pete Times Forum
13 - Toronto, Ontario - Air Canada Centre
15-16 - London, Ontario - John Labatt Centre

Keith Urban has been a busy man this year and unfortunately he has been forced to spend a bunch of time alone while his wife Nicole Kidman acts in a new movie called "Australia". Last weekend, my wife and I visited the theater and watched Nicole Kidmans latest released movie called, "The Invasion" and I was very disappointed. Not in Nicole's acting ability, she was great, but in how the writers turned a science fiction movie into a political statement that was very anti-war in Iraq.

Every review I have read about Keith Urban's new concerts are fantastic, especially in the way his stage expands out over most of the audience during the show. I know there are many fans of Keith Urban that read this blog on a regular basis, so I wanted to post these new concert dates for you fans with the hope that one of these new added concert dates will fall close enough to your home so you can see Keith Urban preform live in concert.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kiefer Sutherland - 24 Star - Arrested DUI

Another famous Hollywood star has found himself in trouble with the law because of substance abuse. Kiefer Sutherland, the star of the Fox television show, "24" was arrested yesterday after he made an illegal u-turn and was stopped by police. Officers, suspicious of Sutherland's fitness to drive, conducted a field sobriety test which Kiefer Sutherland failed. In previous interviews, Sutherland has admitted to struggling with alcohol for a long time and fans of his are hoping that he will seek treatment and win the battle against the dreaded disease of alcoholism. While I am not a big fan of the Fox television show, "24", millions of Americans are. I work with a woman that can not wait to see "24" each week and when I talk with her in the break room, she will go on endlessly about what happened last week on "24" and what she believes will happen in the next episode.

Kiefer Sutherland joins a long line of famous people who have struggled with alcoholism and illegal drug abuse. While big stars, like Sutherland, make news when they are arrested for DUI; the truth is that DUI arrest are happening every single day across the U.S. and some families lives are changed forever because their loved ones were in the wrong place at the wrong time when a drunk driver came along. The saddest fact about drunk drivers is that they never expect to hurt anyone when they climb behind the wheel to drive drunk. Unfortunately, alcohol interrupts the part of the brain that helps us all use good judgment in our lives. Real alcoholics believe they actually drive better drunk than they do sober and that is why alcoholism is such a terrible problem in the world today.

More than likely, Kiefer Sutherland will get the help that he needs to get off the booze in order to save his own life. Alcohol is looked upon by U.S. law as one of our legal drugs of choice. Sometimes, I believe the government made mistakes when they decided that alcohol and tobacco would be legal drugs in the United States. There are other drugs that are less harmful than these two, but I doubt if anything is going to change, any time soon, with drug laws in the U.S. The choice to drink or not to drink is made by millions of alcoholics each and every day and most likely Kiefer Sutherland will now be forced to admit his problem and face the twelve (12) step program of AA that has been so successful for other people over the years.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

UAW Strike Could Destroy GM's Future

When I woke up this morning and read the news that the UAW had gone out on strike against General Motors (GM) I had a bad feeling in my gut. This bad feeling stems from the fact that General Motors is already in poor financial shape and a strike of more than one or two days could sink the company and put thousands of GM UAW workers out on the streets for good. It is hard to understand the thinking of union leaders at the UAW at this point in time. What are they trying to do, make sure there "cash cow", GM, is killed and all of their workers put on unemployment? There was a time with major labor unions like the UAW were needed in the United States, but this action by the UAW has proved to me, once and for all, that they are not needed anymore because rather than fighting for the best interest of the working man, unions now want to win at all costs, even if winning will put them out of business.

It is no wonder that Japanese automobile companies like Honda and Toyota are kicking the butt of U.S companies like GM, Ford and Honda. The insanity of this UAW strike against General Motors defies all common sense and while GM might somehow find a way to survive this strike, in the long run the UAW may have destroyed itself because of this crazy decision to strike at this time. There must be thousands of UAW workers that are against this decision to strike because they are smart and they know what will happen to there jobs and those of their friends and neighbors if General Motors goes into bankruptcy or even worse, closes down for good. Unlike in previous times, I doubt if the federal government is going to step up and save GM like was done for Chrysler in the 1970's. Today's decision by the UAW will make sure of that fact because the American people will not be interested in saving a company when the union of that company is not willing to work with management in a time hardship.

With UAW members out on strike against GM, thousands of other people in related industries will also by hurt because the parts that go into GM cars and trucks are outsourced to hundreds of manufacturing companies around the country and world. Add to that number the thousands of Americans that will shy away from GM showrooms because of this strike and there is a real possibility that a struggling General Motors might not be able to recover once this UAW strike is finally over. I am so disappointed in UAW leaders and there short sighted attitude toward their members. I pray that I am wrong about what potentially could happen to General Motors because of this strike, but if bad things do happen the finger of blame should be firmly pointed at the UAW.

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Paul Potts Invades U.S. Market - CD In Stores Now

Over the past couple of days I have seen advertisements on several news web sites advertising the new CD from Paul Potts called, "One Chance". These ads are very well done and they mention the fact that Paul Potts new CD is now on sale not only through, but also in retail locations around the United States. Like millions of other people around the world, Paul Potts became a household name for me several months ago when he participated in and eventually won "Britain's Got Talent" While I live in the U.S., I was able to watch Paul Potts preform thanks to You Tube and to put it simply I enjoyed listening to him sing to much that I must have download his audition performances several dozen times just to hear his voice and watch the expressions of disbelief on the faces of that shows judges.

There is so much more to the story of Paul Potts' life that him having a wonderful voice that can touch the heart of almost anyone. As most people know, Paul Potts was a mobile phone salesman in the U.K. and in that position he was not earning enough money to support his family. Add to that sad fact, that he is overweight and admitted to being picked on by bullies when he attended school and you have a story that millions of people around the world were hungry to hear and read about. The whole Paul Potts package is a winning formula for record guru Simon Cowell who wisely signed Paul Potts to a one million dollar record contract before he was snatched up by some other producer.

There are people like myself that were disappointed that Paul Potts' new CD "One Chance" did not go on sale faster in the United States retail market. Sure the CD has now been available for months on, but there is a big difference between the mail order CD market and a CD being sold in thousands of retail locations around the country. Hopefully, Paul Potts' will be making the rounds on television talk shows in the United States like he has done in the U.K. and Australia the past few months. While some of us computer savvy people learned of Paul Potts amazing talents thanks to You Tube, millions of other people that don't use computers will also be moved by Paul Potts' voice and amazing story as he appears on talks shows in the U.S. to promote his new CD.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007 Rushes 100K To New York Times

In a shocking turn of events, the political action group "" has decided that it is in their own best interest to pay the regular going rate for their disgraceful ad in the New York Times, that degraded a war hero and four (4) star General by the name of David Patraeus. While there might not be much real justice still left in the world today, this move by is the right one, even if it is a little too late. Even conservatives believe in freedom of the press and while most conservatives were disgusted with the content of the anti-General Petraeus ad that ran in the NYT on the day of his testimony before Congress, they also want to have equal treatment when it comes to expressing their own political views, in that same newspaper, about the War in Iraq.

While I disagree with most of the stuff put out by, I firmly believe in their right to express those opinions in newspapers and in the broadcast media around the United States. There have been few things in recent memory that have divided American public opinion more than the War in Iraq and this issue is not going away any time soon. Liberal organizations like, are dead set against the War in Iraq and they have every right to express those views in a public form. However, when a major newspaper like the New York Times gives a price break to a liberal political action group and does not give the same advertising rate to folks on the other side of the same issue, then problems are sure to appear and most of those problems will fall at the feet of the newspaper that gave a break to an organization that more closely represents their own point of view rather than the opposition.

While I have been a big critic of the New York Times (NYT) in this blog on past occasions, I must say that on the General Petraeus ad they have stepped up and done the right thing and saved their creditability this time. There will be other group that want to express political opinion by running ads in the New York Times as election day approaches in 2008 and hopefully the next time a political action group approaches Americans most respected newspaper they will think long and hard about whether to run that ad and/or give a special advertising rate to causes the NYT's ownership personally endorses.

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Dallas Cowboys Beat Bears Sunday Night

Is "Americans Team" back under the direction of new head coach Wade Phillips? Maybe, because no one really thought, in their wildest dreams, that after the first three (3) games of the 2007 NFL Football Season the Dallas Cowboys' would have a 3-0 win/loss record. At the top of that list of unbelievers I add myself, because I did not believe that Wade Phillips was the right man for the job to begin with, but with each passing week I am looking more and more like a fool. There is something very special in the way Wade Phillips' is leading the Dallas Cowboys and for the life of me I can't put my finger on why he has become so successful as the Cowboys' new head coach.

While watching the Dallas Cowboys beat the Chicago Bears tonight on NBC "Sunday Night Football" my mind slipped back to a different time when Jimmy Johnson was coaching the Dallas Cowboys and I watch the Cowboys' beat the New York Giants' in a Monday night game that made me realize that the Tom Landry era was over and a new Dallas Cowboys' team was emerging to take it's place. Most people still remember the Dallas Cowboys under the coaching direction of Jimmy Johnson, but fewer people remember "Americas Team" under the direction of the legendary Tom Landry. Tonight, while I watched Tony Romo and T.O. take the Cowboys' to their third victory, in as many games this season, I saw something more than a victory over the Chicago Bears, but instead I saw something that looked like a real transition to a potential Superbowl team, on the horizon, once again in Dallas.

It is hard for me to describe these Dallas Cowboys' football gut feelings, but I do have them from time to time and most of the time they are correct because I have followed this team for all of my adult life. Just like when Jimmy Johnson took over the Dallas Cowboys' football team and new owner Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry in a press conference, I initially had hard feelings not only for Jerry Jones, but Jimmy Johnson as well. Fast forward to this year and once again there was little love in my heart for Wade Phillips' who I believed was hired to just be a front man for the person that really wanted to be head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones.

In the first three (3) games of the Dallas Cowboys' 2007 football season, I have grown to like and respect Wade Phillips a little bit more with each passing game. Tonight, I felt like the Dallas Cowboys' made a turn for potential victory this year in the NFL and just like in years past, no one really saw this teams change coming with the possible exception of Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones. There are many tough games ahead for the Dallas Cowboys', but at this time their future is looking bright because of the unlikely choice of Wade Phillips as head football coach, by a Cowboys' owner that is not liked or appreciated by most fans.

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Keith Olbermann Wrong Choice For NFL on NBC

I have been watching the Dallas Cowboys take on the Chicago Bears tonight on NBC's "Sunday Night Football" and with the exception of their decision to hire Keith Olbermann to offer stupid commentary on the show, they have done a wonderful job at producing a top quality program. In the same way millions of people never accepted Rush Limbaugh as a commentator on ESPN because of his conservative political views, I find it difficult to accept Keith Olbermann because of his liberal television show, "Countdown" on MSNBC cable television. This past Friday, Keith Olbermann attacked President Bush in one of the most left wing political commentaries I have heard in years. Why can't NFL fans be allowed to get away from politics for at least one day per week when we sit down and watch out favorite NFL Football game? I'm not saying that Keith Olbermann is preaching politics when he appears on NBC's "Sunday Night Football", but the very idea of having to look at him on NBC on Sunday night, after he makes such hateful comments on Friday night, on MSNBC, is something I would choose not to have to endure.

Like with Rush Limbaugh, I believe Keith Olbermann is a short timer in the sports world because it is difficult to make a smooth transition from extremist political commentator to a good NFL sports prognosticator. While Keith Olbermann has a small part to play on "Sunday Night Football", any part he plays is too much for me and I'm sure other people that think George W. Bush is already getting a raw deal from most members of the liberal news media, feel the same way. I wish no ill will toward Keith Olbermann and I believe he has the right to go on MSNBC or any other news program and express his opinions any time he sees fit. However, to millions of Americans the NFL is more akin to a religion that an actual football experience and having a political hack give football commentary is something NBC and other television networks should shy away from

It didn't take long for Rush Limbaugh to self destruct in his tenure on ESPN and more than likely Keith Olbermann will not last past his first season. Monday through Friday I follow the news of the day on radio and television and write about much of it here. However, on Sunday I enjoy taking long naps and watching NFL Football this time of year. I personally don't want politics either from the right or the left to interfere with my NFL Football experience, so I believe it would be better to leave political commentators off of NFL programs in the future so most folks will at least get a one day break from even thinking about the political issues of the day.

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Support The Troops - More Than A Slogan

On an average day I hear dozens of politicians talking about how important it is to support U.S. troops on the battlefield in Iraq. Unfortunately, both Republicans and Democrats are using these brave men and women for political purposes. Republicans believe the best way to honor U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq is to rally around the troops until they achieve victory in Iraq. Democrats, on the other hand, believe that bringing U.S. troops home as soon as possible is what would be best for all members of the U.S. armed services. While there are some U.S. troops that have gone on the record as wanting to come home before their mission is completed in Iraq, the vast majority of U.S. forces want to "stay the course" and defeat terrorism in Iraq in order to protect the United States from future attacks.

I believe that most Americans would prefer a victory in Iraq rather than a quick pull out that will lead to the murder of thousands of people there that have supported U.S. military actions. The reason why most Americans are against the War in Iraq in public opinion polls is because most of the war coverage that is shown on television is of a negative nature. Yes, war is bad and innocent people always get caught up in the crossfire and are killed in any type of military action. However, there are good things happening in Iraq and the mainstream news media are just not coving these stories enough, but instead focusing on the raw blood and guts coverage they have been known for, for decades.

To the detriment of U.S. troops, both Republicans and Democrats have made the War in Iraq a political "hot potato" and members of the armed services are being used as pawns in this game of chicken. I admit that I believe we should stay in Iraq until the mission is completed, but I have not always felt that way. A couple of years ago I began thinking that the Iraq War might be a lost cause and the best move for U.S. leaders might be to bring our troops home as soon as possible. However, the General David Petraeus Report has changed my mind because the U.S. troop surge in Iraq seems to have worked very well and the problem all along might be the result of President Bush committing too few troops to the post Iraqi War effort.

There were war experts that warned even before U.S. troops entered Iraq that the United States did not have enough "boots on the ground" to do the job properly. Of course, these voices were negatively dismissed by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, VP Cheney and President Bush. However, the wisdom of their advice appears to have been right on the money using 20/20 hindsight. I wish there was some way that the Iraq War could be looked at as a fight that could and should be won, instead of a politically charged war where Republicans and Democrats are using brave men and women as a political football to either gain or maintain their power base in the 2008 elections.

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Britney Spears Prosecuted For Hit And Run

When I first heard about Britney Spears being prosecuted for a hit and run accident, my thoughts went back to an accident Lindsay Lohan had several months ago. However, I was able to view the video of Britney Spears' accident today, online, and I now believe that prosecutors will have a difficult time getting a conviction against Britney Spears. Rather than acting like a spoiled brat when damaging someone else's car, Britney Spears accident appear to be the same type of parking lot fender bender that is witnessed thousands of times per day across the country.

No one has been more judgmental than me about the wrong actions of Britney Spears in the past, but this so called "hit and run" accident by Britney Spears in the parking lot of a LA vitamin store appears like the district attorney in LA County is just trying to pick on Britney Spears. To be honest, I could have had the same accident as Britney Spears did if my car was surrounded by dozens of photographers interfering with my driving focus. I know paparazzi are going to follow famous people like Britney Spears, but the video I watched today of Britney Spears accident in that parking lot was more the fault of an out-of-control group of paparazzi than it was of Britney Spears herself.

While the life of Britney Spears continues to self destruct, it is important that she learn from her mistakes and not be the poster child of everything that is wrong in the current Hollywood community. I am much more concerned with allegations of drug use around her children than I am of a silly traffic accident that was caused by members of the paparazzi distracting Britney Spears while she was trying to park her car in a narrow parking space. There is little real truth reported in the tabloid media these days and this Britney Spears traffic accident is just another instance where hype far outweighs the truth of what really happened.

I still believe it would be in the best interest of Britney Spears children to be taken away from her at this time. My reasoning has nothing to do with a silly parking lot traffic accident she was involved in several months ago, but instead has to do with her overall fitness to raise her children in a stable and safe environment. I believe with time and maturity Britney Spears will be able to pull herself out of this dark abyss she has fallen into and she could eventually be a good and positive role model for her children. However, that time is not now and her kids need a stable home environment especially during their young, and impressionable, years.

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Barack Obama Hillary Clinton's Vice President?

In an election season that seems to go on forever, Barack Obama has failed to gain ground on front-runner Hillary Clinton and at the present time it looks like Hillary Clinton will defeat Barack Obama and other democratic candidates for the party's nomination for President of the United States in 2008. If Hillary Clinton continues to maintain a strong lead, the next big question will be - is Barack Obama the right person to select to join her on the democratic ticket as Vice-President? My answer to that question is no. The problem Hillary Clinton is going to face in the general election next November is that she is a card carrying liberal and for Hillary to have a chance in the general election she will need to select a moderate Democrat to help balance the ticket.

Of the current field of people running for the democratic nomination, Barack Obama is not the moderate Vice-President Hillary Clinton will need to win next November. If I had to guess, Bill Richardson would be the best person to run with Hillary Clinton as Vice-President. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is pro gun and he has experience running a state government. While everyone has heard the name of Hillary Clinton, in reality she has never run anything, except a Senator's office, over her political career. There is no doubt that the GOP attack machine will make Hillary Clinton's lack of experience either running a department of government or a business as a big issue in the general election.

Most media pundits have already started talking about how unbeatable a presidential ticket of Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama would be, but I don't see the slam dunk success of this ticket in the same way liberal democratic party partisans do. While there are true blue liberals in the United States, most of the U.S. heartland is moderate, if not down right conservative. The idea of a President Hillary Clinton is something most people that live in the interior of the United States do not want to envision. Add to a Hillary Clinton nomination the addition of another liberal, Barack Obama and I believe Democrats could snatch defeat from the arms of potential victory in 2008.

Look for Hillary Clinton to seek out a democratic moderate like Bill Richardson for her running mate in 2008. The only chance Barack Obama has to serve in the White House after the 2008 election is to win the presidential nomination because there will not be a place for him on Hillary Clinton's ticket.

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New York Times Admits Petraeus Ad Violated Policy

In an amazing turn of events, New York Times public editor Clark Hoyt has admitted that the advertising rate given to, to publicly try to destroy General David Petraeus' reputation, should not have been offered to the organization and Hoyt went even further and said the New York Times should not have accepted the ad in the first place because the wording of the advertisement was a personal attack on the truthfulness of General Petraeus' a decorated four (4) star general. I guess if we wait around long enough, we see some very strange things in life and this public admission of wrong doing is something I never thought I would see from the New York Times (NYT).

While I am surprised that the most liberal newspaper in America would admit a mistake like accepting the anti-Petraeus full page ad, I am glad that this major newspaper did admit their mistake and hopefully it will not be repeated again as the 2008 presidential election goes into full steam over the next few months. Clark Hoyt said that this ad represents how low the political discourse has become over the past few years and he is 100% right in that statement. Both conservatives and liberals have lost the ability to play fair on the political battlefield, so the average American is left to try and figure out what is truth and what is propaganda by reading different stories from different news outlets.

While I believe there has always been a liberal slant to the news on the major three (3) U.S. broadcast networks, that liberal bias has become more pronounced over the term of the Bush administration and with the fast rising success of the Fox News network. Add to this debate a War in Iraq that most liberals hate with a passion while conservatives embrace that same war with pride and the table is set up for liberal newspapers like the New York Times and conservative media like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh to clash on a daily basis. In the middle of this ideological battle, good men like General David Petraeus are sacrificed for what one side or the other considers that greater good of the country. That is completely wrong.

At some point in time the vast majority of the American people, that consider themselves moderate, will find a candidate that takes the best ideas of conservatism and liberalism and then blends them together for the greater good of the country. Extremism is almost always bad and lead to a world that most people are not interested in living in. Right now the only moderate candidate I see running for President of the United States is Rudy Giuliani and in the end he will have a difficult time winning the GOP nomination because he is considered not conservative enough for the party faithful. I am old enough to remember a time in the U.S. when extremist were considered nuts and not listened to by mainstream Americans. I so wish for that day to return to the U.S. political system.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Didn't Like 'Invasion' Movie - Wife Did

My wife and I visited our local theater today to see the latest Nicole Kidman movie called, "Invasion". While I thought Nicole Kidman did a fantastic job acting in this movie, the people that wrote it did a poor job. I am old enough to still remember the original movie, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" which was an all time classic scary movie that has maintained a cult following for decades. What disappointed me the most about this movie was how the writer and director tried to weave an anti-war message about the War in Iraq into a clearly science fiction movie.

While I did not like "Invasion" my wife thought it was very good and right up there with some of the best movies we have seen the past year or so. My wife loves scary movies and I don't think I remember her ever leaving a theater disappointed after we have seen a movie that has a scary script. On the other hand, I can take or leave scary movies and I really don't enjoy them that much unless the writer and director take the story line in a completely new direction. In many ways, I could not get my mind back into the "Invasion" after the movie started talking about how bad the world and USA are today and how much better things might be if aliens took over our bodies.

"Invastion" was filled with a bunch of scary parts, but all of them were very predictable and most movie goers would have known a scary part was coming up several minutes before it happened on screen. After thinking about "Invasion" the only thing I really took away from it was that this movie was made in an attempt to condemn the War in Iraq and when Hollywood takes liberties like this with my movie dollar it angers me every single time. I believe some people in Hollywood believe they can make a movie that pushes their agenda and the American public will just follow along with their twisted view of how the world should be. If you want to see a scary movie with current political overtones then you will enjoy, "Invasion", if that is not the kind of movie you want to see, stay home and save your money.

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Hillary Clinton Proposes National Health Care

Millions of people show up for medical treatment in the U.S. each day and for those without health insurance the cost of just seeing the doctor for a simple ailment can be overwhelming. There are many reasons why the U.S. health care system is so expensive and while there is no good solution to the out-of control costs of providing top quality health care in the United States, the Hillary Clinton one size fits all approach is not the right answer, either. Over the history of the United States, government run programs have looked good on paper, but when applied to the real world, they seem to fall apart quickly. From the limited amount of information I have read in regards to Hillary Clinton's Heath Care proposal, her program is more designed to have the government take over all aspects of health care, rather than trying to fix a system that while good, does have some real problems when it comes to competition among doctors and hospitals.

To some people on the far left, free enterprise and competition are things they either do not understand or approve of. I believe Hillary Clinton honestly thinks that the government is the solution to problems, rather than a hindrance to the United States free market system. The biggest problem with the United States health care system is not addressed in Hillary Clinton's Health Care Program because Hillary Clinton does not believe in the American free market. I on the other hand do believe in American free enterprise and I also believe the only real fix to out-of-control cost increases in the medical community is more free enterprise and not less. What bothers me the most about Hillary Clinton's proposed changes to the U.S. health care system is that it is being proposed and sold under the same old "class envy" talking points used by Democrats for years to socialize as much of the United States as possible.

In order to have real competition in the medical field, doctors and hospitals are going to have to change their way of thinking about the services they offer. For a long time, people running the medical establishment in the United States have worked to control doctors in a way that prevents real competition to occur. Even in simple things like discouraging doctors from making house calls, like they did in years past, is encouraging doctors not to think on their feet and make good judgments that could set them apart from other doctors. Hillary Clinton would take competition completely out of the U.S. medical community and that move would be a disaster for patients, like you and me that want the best care when we are facing a life or death medical emergency.

The sad fact is that the one thing medical professional have feared the most, government run health care, is now a real possibility because of poor choices made by the medical community of the years to keep doctors from competing with each other for the consumers business. While I believe that Hillary Clinton's Health Care Program will fail in Congress, eventually government run health care will come to the United States if doctors and the groups that represent them do not release their own doctors from restrictions and allow them to compete in the U.S. free market system.

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Rudy Giuliani Cell Phone Stunt Could Backfire

I am a supporter of Rudy Giuliani in his race for President of the United States in 2008, but on two (2) occasions his wife has called him while he was on stage giving a campaign speech. While this whole wife calling business might seem cute to some people, to me it looks like some type of political trick the Clinton's might try, not the Rudy Giuliani figure most people have respected in the post 911 days as mayor of NYC. No real politician would leave their cell phone turned on when giving a major speech in the first place and while this political stunt is most likely designed to show Rudy Giuliani as a down to earth regular guy who is getting phone calls from his wife, it does show a bit of rudeness to his audience and to me it questions whether he will be getting trivial cell phone calls from in wife while he is meeting with world leaders in the Oval Office?

For millions of voters, the marital issues surrounding Rudy Giuliani are a sore spot to begin with. That is why I believe it is crazy to have Rudy Giuliani's young wife call him during campaign speeches and draw even more attention to the fact that he has been divorced several times. For women voters, especially, there is an undercurrent of thinking that Rudy Giuliani is always chasing after younger women, in the first place, instead of taking care of business at home with his current wife. These cell phone calls have not changed my mind about supporting Rudy Giuliani for President of the United States, but if they continue and/or more of this childish stuff continues to happen; it might be a sign that Rudy Giuliani is not the right man to run the United States in a post 911 world.

The good news for Rudy Giuliani in regards to this older man and younger woman political stuff is that Fred Thompson's wife looks even younger than Giuliani's and since Fred Thompson will be Rudy's main competition for the GOP nomination, thankfully for Giuliani his marital problems might not be as big of an issues as they could have been. I understand races for party nominations are longer than ever and these men and women flying around the country are bound to make a few mistake along the road to their party's nomination. However, Rudy Giuliani should either turn his cell phone off the next time he makes a speech or his campaign manager should confiscate it from him before he takes the stage.

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Dr. Laura Caller - Extreme Emotional Reaction

I was listening to the radio today and minding my own business when a soldier called the Dr. Laura Show on the radio to talk about his father who was dying from Pancreatic Cancer. My ears always stand up when I hear someone talking cancer because my own father died from Pancreatic Cancer almost seven (7) years ago. This proud member of the U.S. armed services began his question by talking about how he and his father had never seen eye to eye on things since he was fourteen (14) years old. As this caller talked, my mind wondered back to the time I first learned that my own father was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and his doctor told him that he only had three (3) months to live.

As I found out over the next few minutes, listening to the Dr. Laura Show, this proud young man, with character of steel, had a father he wanted to set old problems right with before his death was not a father anyone would want to wish for in their own life. This brave soldier had a father that was jealous of his son's success in the military and belittled him at almost every turn. When hearing this young man talk, it brought tears to my eyes and a strong feeling of disgust with any parent that would want their child to fail, just because they saw their own life as a failure. Since my own father was not like that, I felt a huge since of pride in my own dad for always encouraging me to do the right thing and make my own way in this world.

It has been a long time since I found myself, a man of 48 years, crying in the car, while listening to a real life story from someone else in a situation worse than me. After Dr. Laura let this young man go, she went to a commercial break and when she returned her music director played the Lee Greenwood song, "God Bless the USA". After returning to her microphone, Dr. Laura was unable to speak right for almost ten (10) minutes because the previous caller and that wonderful Lee Greenwood song brought tears to her eyes. Dr. Laura was not the only person that was effected profoundly by this young man yesterday, I also had to pull my car over because the tears in my eyes would not stop flowing. While most Americans are looking for a quick fix in Iraq, the truth is that there is not quick fix and we Americans must stick around until we eventually win this war.

I am so proud of the young people that put their lives on the line for this country every single day and after listening to this young man on the Dr. Laura Show today I know that the United States of America is in good hands for the future even though some folks still believe that retreat is the best outcome for the War in Iraq.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Story Of The Week - Taser Guns Bad

For the few people that believe that most news happens naturally, let me be the bearer of bad news. Most national news stories, with the exception of breaking news like car chases are created by a few liberal members of the media and fed out across the nation to drive news coverage to a liberal cause. This week, it is no accident that two stories became front page news across the country involving the use of Taser Guns by police. The first incident happen in Florida where a college student deliberately forced police to use exceptional force to shut him up when he refused to stop talking and obey the rules at a John Kerry event on his college campus.

Then today, another Taser incident was released to the media where a cop in Ohio used his Taser seven (7) times on a drunk and disorderly woman that would not be arrested without a fight. There are people in the news media that are against the police no matter how well they do their job. While all of us have a right to free speech, none of us have the right to use free speech as a reason to not obey rules and the law. For some reason, the liberal media establishment has decided that Taser Guns are bad and police should not be allowed to use them. Of course, before Taser Guns the only other real way to subdue unruly people being arrested was to either beat them with a baton or shoot them with a real gun.

Yes, I am sure that some police officers have crossed the line when using Taser Guns. However, these same officers would have used other force, possibly even more deadly if those Taser Guns were not available as a tool in their job. While I don't consider myself a conservative, I am definitely not a liberal either. I believe police officers are regular people that are sometimes asked to try and do an impossible job with people that have no respect for the rule of law. Given the choice between Tasering someone that is either too drunk or stupid to respond to a police officers instructions and having those same people beaten with a club or shot with a 9 millimeter real gun, I will choose the Taser Gun every time. It would not surprise me if several other outrageous Taser Gun stories emerge over the next few weeks so the powers that be in the liberal media can further push their plan to eliminate these tools from the arsenal of regular police officers.

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Carrie Underwood Starts Getting Bad Press

It was bound to happen that some people in the media would start to look for reasons to hate Carrie Underwood. I have thought for a long time that some tabloid media outlets enjoy making stars, so they can bring them down hard at some later date. For millions of fans, Carrie Underwood is a role model they look up to as the one person they would like to emulate in their own life. Today, I read a story in The National Ledger that starts out friendly enough in regards to Carrie Underwood, but the whole story has a dark undercurrent that is designed to bring down the good girl image that most of Carrie Underwood's fans appreciate the most.

I live in the real world and I know that everyone has a bad day from time to time and we all make mistakes when dealing with other people when we are tired or just in a bad mood. Carrie Underwood is no different than anyone else in that regard, but this story in the National Ledger seems like some kind of tabloid hack piece that is designed to take a few occasions where Carrie Underwood might have acted out of character and then proceed to paint her whole life with a big broad brush of change. Just because Carrie Underwood changes her hair style and/or decides to take a chance and appear on MTV and Fashion Rocks, does not mean that her basic moral core is changing for the worst.

The sad truth is that good girls like Carrie Underwood drive the tabloid crowd crazy because she will not lower her standards and do the stupid stuff Britney, Lindsay and Paris do on a daily basis. This story in the National Ledger almost seems like the writer hopes for Carrie Underwood to go over to the dark side because there would be plenty of money to be made by tabloid writers and photographers if Carrie Underwood made a dramatic change in her personal life. I have grown use to these tabloid hack jobs being done to other famous people that have dignity and strong moral values and I also knew that eventually these moral deviants would get around to Carrie Underwood as well. I had just hope that it would not have happened so soon.

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Hick From The Sticks Wins Again

As time goes by it becomes easier for me to understand why liberal democrats hate President George W. Bush so much. Ever since the Supreme Court ruled in President Bush's favor in the recount controversy in Florida, after the 2000 presidential election; President Bush seems to outwit liberals in Congress at every turn. This past week is just another example of how President Bush has been able to out maneuver Democrats on issues they should easily win because, according to polling, the American people support the democratic position over President Bush's. In the first example of how President Bush outwitted the Democrats surrounds the General Petraeus Report. It was a democratic Congress that forced General Petraeus to give a progress report about the Iraq War when they supported President Bush's proposal to increase troops in Iraq several months ago.

I have no doubt that most Democrats in Congress thought the troop surge was going to fail and they planned on using General Petraeus' Report to force President Bush to remove troops from Iraq. However, something happened on the way to a failed troop surge in Iraq because General Petraeus was successful in reducing the violence on the ground. Upset that progress on the war front in Iraq was successful, democratic leaders in Congress tried to switch horses in midstream by saying that the troop surge might be working but the government in Iraq was not making sufficient progress. Of course, this switch in strategy worked perfectly for President Bush and in the end the democratic idea of turning General Petraeus' congressional testimony into a anti George Bush event was turned completely around by the President and at the end of the day, President Bush won again.

The next big idea Congress tried to pull off was cutting off money for the War in Iraq. While many people on the far left believe that idea is a good one, for most Democrats it is political suicide to be seen as not supporting U.S. troops on the field of battle. To make matters worse, many Senators were casting votes to not fund U.S. troops in Iraq after they cast votes to send them there in the first place. Nothing makes a politician look worse than to be sending young people to Iraq to risk their life in war and then once the troops are in place, take away there money and leave them high and dry on the battlefield. I understand that anti war Democrats are faced with some bad choices when it comes to trying to end the War in Iraq, but so far President Bush is beating them at every turn and I see no reason why his political victories will not continue through the rest of his turn.

Then there was the ridicules idea by to run a childish newspaper ad on the day General Petraeus began his congressional testimony. The headline of that ad suggested that General Petraeus - Betrayed Us in Iraq. Of all the stupid things Democrats and their supporters have done in trying to get the War in Iraq stopped, this New York Times ad has to take the cake as most stupid. Once again President Bush and his supporters in Congress were able to take a rookie mistake made by Democrats and pass a resolution in the Congress yesterday that condemned that ad by a wide margin. To say that President Bush had a good week politically would be a huge understatement. In purely political terms, President Bush ran circle around democratic leaders in Congress this week on issues where most of the American public support the democratic party's argument.

From day one of the Bush administration, liberal elites' have tried to portray President Bush as some kind of dumb "hick from the sticks", but in reality he has turned their arrogance against them and that fact must get on liberal Democrats nerves tremendously. With hindsight, it has become clear that rather than fight the bumbling fool image given to him by liberal Democrats, President Bush wears it like a badge of honor. Even after being knocked down time after time liberal democrats still keep trying to beat George W. Bush the same way and almost every time they lose to this man they consider as dumb. We learn as a child that if we don't want to keep making the same mistakes over and over again we must learn what works and doesn't work in life and change our behavior. However, most liberal democrats in Washington are not learning from their mistakes and that fact has caused a continuous cycle of defeat that they should get tired of, but haven't so far when doing battle with President George W. Bush.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fred Thompson Better As Potential Candidate

Talk about a huge let down. Fred Thompson, after months of teasing GOP voters with his potential entry into the fight for the Republican nomination has seen his campaign fall flat after officially getting into the race a couple of weeks ago with a guest appearance on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. With hindsight, it is easy to see now why Fred Thompson waiting so long to get into the race. Like many other Americans, I was intrigued by another actor running for President of the United States. Ronald Reagan caused me to think about politics for the first time and he will always have a place in my heart because he understood what it took to lead the United States. Right now, Fred Thompson appears to be a Ronald Reagan impostor and most likely he will be going down the tubes, soon, as more people learn about his changing positions on important issues.

Rather than take the Republican Party to new horizons after his much awaited entry into the race, Fred Thompson instead has been coming across as boring on the campaign trail and leave many people that attend his speeches, feeling let down and wondering why they thought Fred Thompson was the new Ronald Reagan in the first place. I was certainly ready to give Fred Thompson a chance to make his case on the major issues of the day because I have loved to watch him in the movies and on television entertainment programs. However, it appears that Fred Thompson is just an actor that does not do well out on the campaign trail because there is not a script to work from. That sad fact has sent many Republican voters back to the original top three candidates and away from the Fred Thompson campaign for President.

I have been criticized by readers here for saying on more than one occasion that I don't believe Fred Thompson can win the presidency because he lacks a "fire in the gut" for the job. Just like an employer would be reluctant to hire a new employee that was showing disinterest in the position they were applying for, the American people are not interested in a presidential candidate that says he really isn't that interested in becoming President of the United States, but since there seems to be a conservative void in the current candidates he will step up and try and fill that void for the good of the party. A bunch of well meaning conservative Republicans that wanted Fred Thompson to run for President for all the wrong reasons are now going to be even more disappointed than they were before he decided to seek the GOP nomination.

The number one reason most people decide to run for President of the United States is based on ego. While no candidate will admit that ego is what drives them to work endless hours to achieve that goal, down deep inside ego must be present or no human being could put up with the stress and personal invasions of privacy that come along with running a national campaign for President. As things currently stand, Fred Thompson's fading support will come at the expense of Mitt Romney and John McCain and his entry into the 2008 race for President is turning out to be great news for former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

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