Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cusack Movie '1408' One Man Show

My wife and I traveled to the dollar theater today to see the John Cusack Movie, "1408" and were pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed it. We have loved most movies that John Cusack has starred in, in the past, and today we were not disappointed either by his performance. The story behind the movie, "1408" revolved around a writer of books that specialized in writing about well noted haunted hotels around the world. While John Cusack's character in the movie did have a few loyal fans, most folks did not take his character seriously because of the nature of his work.

For regular movie goers, the plot of "1408" was pretty predictable until the end, but the ending was really well written because it took the experiences of John Cusack's character full circle in an effort to help this hunted hotel writer get to the point where he could deal with the death of his young daughter years before. In between this real life, dealing with death, moment this movie took the viewers to places where they have been before with other scary movies without leaving the audience getting bored and wanting to leave the theater. Of course, anytime people visit a theater to see a horror movie, they expect a certain amount of terror to be presented on the screen and there were loads of that scary stuff as this movie progressed through the hard life of this less than famous book writer.

"1408" was a great thriller and it was well worth the time spent seeing it today at our local theater. John Cusack pretty much played a "one man show" during most of the movie "1408" and while up tight folks in Hollywood will probably not recognize his good work in this movie with an Oscar, that should not take away from the average person seeing this movie because they know a good movie when they see it. I would highly recommend the movie "1408" to everyone except young children. My wife and I left the theater today both scared and inspired at the end of this good movie.

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