Saturday, September 22, 2007

Didn't Like 'Invasion' Movie - Wife Did

My wife and I visited our local theater today to see the latest Nicole Kidman movie called, "Invasion". While I thought Nicole Kidman did a fantastic job acting in this movie, the people that wrote it did a poor job. I am old enough to still remember the original movie, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" which was an all time classic scary movie that has maintained a cult following for decades. What disappointed me the most about this movie was how the writer and director tried to weave an anti-war message about the War in Iraq into a clearly science fiction movie.

While I did not like "Invasion" my wife thought it was very good and right up there with some of the best movies we have seen the past year or so. My wife loves scary movies and I don't think I remember her ever leaving a theater disappointed after we have seen a movie that has a scary script. On the other hand, I can take or leave scary movies and I really don't enjoy them that much unless the writer and director take the story line in a completely new direction. In many ways, I could not get my mind back into the "Invasion" after the movie started talking about how bad the world and USA are today and how much better things might be if aliens took over our bodies.

"Invastion" was filled with a bunch of scary parts, but all of them were very predictable and most movie goers would have known a scary part was coming up several minutes before it happened on screen. After thinking about "Invasion" the only thing I really took away from it was that this movie was made in an attempt to condemn the War in Iraq and when Hollywood takes liberties like this with my movie dollar it angers me every single time. I believe some people in Hollywood believe they can make a movie that pushes their agenda and the American public will just follow along with their twisted view of how the world should be. If you want to see a scary movie with current political overtones then you will enjoy, "Invasion", if that is not the kind of movie you want to see, stay home and save your money.

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