Saturday, September 08, 2007

Keith Urban's Wife Nicole - Secret Past

Being a big fan of Keith Urban, I love to read news about this country music superstar. While the past year has produced some pretty dark times in Keith Urban's life because of alcohol and drug abuse, the path of Keith's wife, Nicole Kidaman, is starting to possibly look more dark and full of secrets than her husband Urban. It is no secret that almost everyone in Hollywood and Nashville have secrets they don't want other people to know about and the news last week that Nicole Kidman was engaged to another man between her marriage to Tom Cruise and Keith Urban is just another example of that fact. It is so easy to be lead astray by famous people when they hire multi million dollar PR firms to try and put the best face forward when their client make mistakes.

When I see Nicole Kidman act and/or interviewed on television she appears like the perfect lady. However, both Nicole and Keith have dark sides to there lives that only seem to come out for Nicole when she is out promoting a new movie. For people old enough to remember, Nicole Kidman made a pretty racy movie with her ex-husband Tom Cruise back in 1999 called "Eyes Wide Shut". While I did not see that movie, from every review that I read at the time the movie not only was bad from a writing and production standpoint, but the subject line and nudity of Nicole Kidman in that movie was over the top when it comes to decency.

I have written before that Nicole Kidman was the winner when she got Keith Urban to say yes to marriage. Yes, Keith Urban has a boatload of problems in his personal life with drug abuse and he is fighting those battles every single day. However, Nicole Kidman appears to have a more serious problem revolving around codependency because she cannot seem to be comfortable without a husband around so she must try and replace husbands as soon as possible after a breakup. From my experience it is much easier for people to deal successfully with drug abuse than to make the effort necessary to deal with codependency issues because most people that are codependent do not accept that fact because the fear of being alone is such a big part of their life.

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