Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rudy Giuliani - Man To Beat - 2008

Yesterday all the buzz was about the entry of Fred Thompson into the GOP race for president, but in the next few days the real campaign will get back to normal with Rudy Giuliani back in the lead and the man to beat in the upcoming Republican Primaries. I believe Rudy Giuliani is the future of the Republican Party just like Ronald Reagan changed the GOP with his brand of conservatism back in the 1980's. Most people I talk to on a daily basis are fed up with liberals and conservatives fighting on almost all issues and a man like Rudy Giuliani might be able to bring the vast middle ground around to his way of thinking.

While Hillary Clinton, Barck Obama and John Edwards are running to the far left for financial support; Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson are running in the opposite direction looking for the same thing from the far right. If I am right, Rudy Giuliani could not only win the GOP nomination for President, but he could also be the only candidate in the current GOP field that could beat Hillary Clinton in the general election. I have spent several weeks looking at maps of where the electoral votes will come from in 2008 and in each toss up state, Rudy Giuliani wins over Hillary Clinton while no other Republican comes close.

In many ways, social conservatism has made the Republican Party only important in the south and southwestern United States. I believe Rudy Giuliani will win the south running against Hillary Clinton and he has an excellent chance to win the important non Republican states of New York, Michigan and Pennsylvania as well. Add to those states Florida and Hillary Clinton is toast before she even starts to get up to speed. Right now there are some very upset people in the GOP because the party is no longer a place that supports the causes of the far right as a matter of course. Rudy Giuliani is the GOP's best chance to win the White House in 2008 and my guess is that Rudy will continue to lead the pack, with or without the entry of Fred Thompson into the race.

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