Wednesday, November 14, 2007

OJ Simpson Will Stand Trial In Las Vegas

I have been stunned at the amount of time lawyers in Las Vegas have spent trying to prove that there is enough evidence against OJ Simpson to stand trial there. Day after day of testimony from witnesses and audio tape evidence should have made this case a 'no brainer' for anyone in the legal field. However, as this 'show trial' before the trial continues in Las Vegas the major cable news networks are having a field day with emotion shots of OJ Simpson as this pre trial hearing moves forward. Anyone that has served on a jury will tell you that most criminal and civil cases are settled at trial in only three or four days. However, once we put OJ Simpson in the mix all bets are off not only on how long the trial will take, but also in the eventual outcome. The billable hours OJ Simpson's attorney's must be racking up just to keep him from going to trial must be astounding.

The fact is that the judge in this case will have no choice but to hold OJ Simpson over for trial and the 'show trial' we have all witnessed this week will have been for nothing. Surely, in a large and growing city like Las Vegas there are other cases that are being put on hold because of the events happening now with OJ Simpson. There was a time when I thought showing trials on television would be a good thing, but I don't think so anymore because of OJ Simpson's murder trial in Los Angles. The judge in that trial along with the prosecutors went out of their way to play to the camera and in the end that whole OJ Simpson murder trial turned into a circus that was more about the judge and the lawyers than an effort to find justice for two murder victims.

While most people watching the events this week in the OJ Simpson pre-trial hearing are watching the closest thing I have ever seen to a show trial where the lawyers and OJ Simpson are the entertainment for bored people with nothing exciting to do, down deep inside every time the American people are subjected to another trial with OJ Simpson as the defendant we lose just a little bit more faith in the criminal justice system. The only thing that keeps a civilized society together is a strong legal system that treats everyone in a fair way. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way that legal system lost creditability and that truly is a sad thing for a great country like the United States of America. Of course it will never happen, but when OJ Simpson goes on trial for real in Las Vegas - I hope the judge will order the cameras turned off so the lawyers in the case will keep their eye clearing on the ball and not the TV camera taping the proceedings.

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