Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tony Romo $67 Million Contract Pays Off

A few weeks ago, Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones offered a new and very lucrative contract to Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo. This new contract runs for six (6) years and the grand total of salary and benefits will equal $67 million if Tony Romo plays for the next six years for the Dallas Cowboys. For average people, like myself, a six year contract that pays over $67 million is something I have a hard time coming to grips with. However, in big time NFL football these days - owners like Jerry Jones are forced to pay whatever is necessary to keep the best players on the Dallas Cowboys' team. What is so amazing about the Tony Romo story is that two years ago hardly anyone in America had even heard this young mans name and now he is being compensated with a contract that earns him over $10 million per year. After watching Tony Romo take it to the New York Giants', this afternoon, I am more convinced that Jerry Jones made the right decision to offer Tony Romo that new contract. Now everyone must wait and see if Romo is worth all that cash and the only real test will be if he has the leadership ability to take the Cowboys' all the way to a Superbowl championship game.

There have been rumors circulating around the Internet that Tony Romo and good friend Carrie Underwood have put their close friendship behind them and unfortunately for Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys' Romo has been seen in recent weeks in the company of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton during a visit to southern California. The last thing the Dallas Cowboys' need is for their quarterback to get mixed up with one of the out-of-control girls that call Los Angeles home. Tony Romo is downplaying all speculation about a relationship with Britney Spears, but just having him in the same room with her causes me distress. Not since the days of Troy Aikman have the Dallas Cowboy's had a leader quarterback that measures up to Tony Romo. Today, when the Dallas Cowboys' beat the New York Giants' for the second time this year, Tony Romo was on his best game which lead all of the other players to preform well, too.

In the early days of the NFL, the 'NFC Eastern Division' was consider the toughest one and on many occasions NFC East Teams represented the league in the Superbowl. This year, for the first time in a long time, both the New York Giants' and the Dallas Cowboys' have good football teams which will eventually lead to an exciting playoff season in a few short months. While I love to watch, talk and write about the current success of Dallas Cowboys', there is that little problem of an outstanding New England Patriots team that outplayed the Cowboys' just three (3) weeks ago. Right now I am taking the 2007 NFL season one game at a time, but from where I sit right now - Tony Romo is the right man at the right time to lead the Cowboys' to next years Superbowl game.

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