Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alan Keyes Demagogues GOP Presidential Debate

I just finished watching some of the GOP debate on Fox News this afternoon and the biggest disappointment I saw was a man that I have had great respect for over the years, Alan Keyes, transform into a complete demagogue. In previous years, Alan Keyes has run for President of the United States and down deep in his soul his is a true blue conservative. However, today during the GOP debate on Fox News - the Alan Keyes of old had disappeared and he was replaced by a crazy sounding person that spent most of his time trying to disrupt the debate by trying to turn himself into a victim. Being a conservative and a victim at the same time is not possible. I have not heard Alan Keyes talk for many years, but my previous memories of him were mainly positive. Then today his out-of-control demeanor and trouble making style on the GOP debate stage was a sad thing for me to have to watch.

There is always a great risk for both extremist conservatives and liberals of falling off the deep end because no human being can live either a strict, ridged conservative lifestyle forever - just like an extremist liberal cannot maintain a 'if it feels good do it' life long approach either. As people grow older they either mellow toward moderation or they snap and go a little bit crazy trying to maintain a stringent approach to life. While I am not sure if Alan Keyes has snapped or if he is just trying to get his campaign for President noticed by acting strange, either way Keyes has no chance of winning the Republican nomination for President this year and in my view his debate performance today was so bad that he will not even be invited back to participate in television discussions about politics in years to come. Right now I am still shaking my head in disbelieve over Alan Keyes attitude at today's Republican debate and my mind is filled with equal amounts of concern about his mental well being and confusion as to what he was actually trying to convey to voters with his tirades.

The human brain is not programmed to live a permanent life in a single state of extreme ideology and that is why it is common to see people and politicians change their views on important issues over time. Most of the biggest changes in ideology come when conservatives all of a sudden switch to liberalism and also when liberals do the same thing. Most of the time, true moderates maintain that point of view for most of their life and they are able to see both the good and bad of extreme conservatism and liberalism - while working to find compromises that eventually work for most people. Rather than Alan Keyes changing his stripes and moving from a conservative to a liberal, instead he appears to have lost his composure and is drifting through this campaign like a ship without a rudder. I feel so badly for Alan Keyes and I hope that this once brave voice for conservatism is able to find happiness again. It is so important to not sell ones soul out to an ideology that will not sustain a healthy mentality over time. While there are good points of both conservatism and liberalism, when either ideology is taken to it's ultimate extreme - some people become so brainwashed against the other side that they eventually lose touch with reality.

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