Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ban Jessica Simpson From Tony Romo Football Games

Every time Fox Sports showed Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo's girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, in the stands today supporting her man - Tony Romo seem to play worse on the football field. Of course, I am joking about banning Jessica Simpson from Dallas Cowboys games, but today she certainly was no good luck charm for Romo or the Cowboys as the less talented Philadelphia Eagles gave the Dallas Cowboys only their second loss during the 2007 regular season. From both an offensive and defensive point of view, the Dallas Cowboys would have appeared to the uniformed football fan as a team with a 2-12 record after watching today's game, instead of the other way around. To make matters worse, the Dallas Cowboys suffers some minor injuries in today's game against the Philadelphia Eagles that could haunt them during the playoffs. The most concerning injury to me was to Tony Romo's thumb which will be examined using an MRI device tomorrow morning.

Maybe I should stop writing positive blog posts about the Dallas Cowboys because every time I have gone out on a limb for them, they end up playing terrible in the next game. However, with the exception of the New England Patriots – all NFL teams seem to have hit a few bumps in the road this year on their way to the playoffs. Almost from the opening kick off it did not appear that the Dallas Cowboys showed up to play football today against the Philadelphia Eagles at Texas Stadium in Irving. Even the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders did not seem as excited about today's game as they usually are as they wore heavy coats to fight off the unseasonable cold temperatures that sounded this part of the county this weekend. From a feeling of total joy last night at the Cowboys playoff prospects to a feeling of utter disappointment tonight after today's heart breaking defeat against the Eagles, now I don't know what to expect next Saturday night as the Cowboys play the Panthers on the NFL Network.

Actually for non Dallas Cowboys fans, today's loss against the Philadelphia Eagles will assure an exciting playoff season in the NFC as the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers make their way forward and could play each other in the NFC Championship game late next month. My hope is that the Dallas Cowboys will eventually be successful against the Green Bay Packers and play, most likely, the New England Patriots in next years big Superbowl game. However, after today's terrible performance against the Philadelphia Eagles – I am less likely to believe the Dallas Cowboys can be ultimately successful at defeating the New England Patriots in the Superbowl. Right now there is New England and then there is everyone else in the NFL. The Patriots are playing the best and most consistent football that I have seen in my almost 50 years of enjoying this great sports and I can't see anyone, even my beloved Dallas Cowboys beating them this year. Over the years, Jessica Simpson has been pretty good at reinventing herself so maybe this next week she will work her magic on Tony Romo and bring back the old quarterback that could actually hit the receivers he was throwing to.

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