Thursday, December 27, 2007

Barron Hilton Not Pleased With Paris' Lifestyle

Word leaked out yesterday that Barron Hilton has decided to leave most of his fortune to charity when he passes from this Earth. While it's not like Paris Hilton will need to start filling out applications at her local McDonald's, her grandfather is sending a strong message that he not only disapproves of her lifestyle but also her parents that have helped her become the laughing stock of the world. Barron Hilton built the Hilton Hotel Chain into an upscale business that millions of travelers looked to for elegant comfort when traveling away from home. Paris Hilton, Baron's granddaughter, has acted like a spoiled rotten child through most of her adult life and now all she will have to show for her extravagant behavior will be a few dollars thrown at her when her grandfather dies. From my point of view I say, 'way to go Mr. Hilton'. Catering to a spoil child is not the answer for Paris Hilton's out of control behavior – but rather it leads to even more outrageous behavior from her in the future.

I have been wondering to myself for a long time now about how long the well respected Barron Hilton would put up with his granddaughter's behavior and also the poor parenting skills of his son and daughter-in-law. While Barron is a titan of business, his immediate family that bears his name basically are takers that have survived on Barron Hilton's hard work, money and good reputation for years. Now as Barron Hilton is approaching his own death, I'm sure this hard working man is evaluating choices he has made in his own life and how some of those choices might not have been in the best interest of this family. I believe what Barron Hilton is doing with this decision about where his vast fortune will go to upon his death is more a parting shot at his son and granddaughter that have taken his name, money and reputation and dragged it through the mud of tabloid Hollywood, than to benefit charity.

Before I ever heard the name of Paris Hilton, the Hilton name stood for hotel quality when traveling around the country. However, in recent years it has been hard to separate the name Hilton on a beautiful hotel from the immoral behavior of Paris Hilton. Somewhere down deep inside Barron Hilton is very disappointed in his children and grandchildren for ruining the reputation of the Hilton name. Soon, Barron Hilton will pass from this Earth and when he does he will help many great charities with his tremendous gift of support. At that time, his son and granddaughter will be forced to, for once, live on their own accomplishments and in that department they certainly won't live up to the man that made Hilton, a household name.

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