Thursday, December 27, 2007

Congress/IRS Delay Tax Refunds for Millions Of Americans

If people needed another reason to dislike the U.S. Congress, today the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gave almost 13 million Americans an additional reason to be disgusted with the way they do their job. For many years, Members of Congress have been pledging to get rid of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) – but like most promises made by Congress at election time, elimination of the AMT does not seem to ever get accomplished once they get into power in Washington. So what has been happening the past few years is that Congress has been passing one year extensions to prevent non rich taxpayers from being effected by this ridicules tax, instead of just stepping up and getting rid of it entirely. The shear arrogance of this democratic Congress that openly talks about how much they care about the poor and middle class to let this mistake happen in the first place in inexcusable. Congressional Democrats are so focused on forcing President Bush to remove troops from Iraq, that they have lost focus on regular everyday business that they should be taking care of.

The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) was passed to begin with because a very few rich people had found a way to work the United States tax system in a way where they didn't have to pay income tax. Of course, this successful and legal tax avoidance by these few rich families could not be left to stand, so the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) was passed to punished those rich families and force them to pay at least some income tax each year. Over the years, millions of poor to low middle income families have improved their annual income to the point where they are now considered rich, even when they are not, because of the AMT. Every year Congress pledges to get rid of the AMT and every year they fail to get this simple job done. This year as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid tried to attach troop withdrawal from Iraq to every piece of legislation, a little matter of making sure that 13 million Americans got a speedy refund on their taxes somehow slipped their minds until the last minute.

Congress acted so late on approving this years legislation that the IRS did not have time to prepare the proper forms or even get their computer software adjusted for the change. Now the earliest that some people will be able to file for their 2007 income tax refunds will be the middle of February next year. When any Congress becomes obsessed with a single issue like the Democrats have done since taking power last year with the War in Iraq, that Congress does not deserve to be allowed to continue in power by the American people. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen, but most likely they will once again try to blame their poor leadership skills on George W. Bush and the War in Iraq.

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