Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dallas Cowboys Face Hungry Redskins Sunday

While the Dallas Cowboys earned their playoff birth several weeks ago, the same is not true for the Washington Redskins. However, if the Redskins are able to beat the Dallas Cowboys tomorrow – they will earn a Wild Card Playoff birth. The past few weeks the Dallas Cowboys seem to have been in some kind of slump. They have managed to win most of their games, but the ease at which they won games at the beginning of season season has been absent the past month. To me, in NFL football momentum is everything and right now the Dallas Cowboys are lacking in momentum and that concerns me going into the playoffs.

If the Dallas Cowboys slip up tomorrow and let the Washington Redskins beat them then I am concerned for the Cowboys playoff chances this year. It does not help matters that Terrell Owen will not be active in tomorrows game and from the latest weather reports, the weather is going to be less than favorable for the Cowboys when they play in Washington D.C. tomorrow. Earlier this week it was rumored that Terry Glenn would be making a come back this week in place of T.O., but late word yesterday didn't look promising for his return during the Redskins game because of fears that he could re injure his knee on a wet and slippery football field. In my opinion, it will be the match up of Tony Romo and Jason Whitten in the air and good backfield running by Marion Barber that will be the difference between victory and defeat tomorrow afternoon in Washington.

The Dallas Cowboys have always found a way to make big plays to pull off long shot victories this season and I hope tomorrow will be no different. Tony Romo, while one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, is still a young player that is not seasoned when it comes to playoff experience. Romo needs to play well tomorrow against the Redskin to help rebuild his confidence which has looked shaky ever since Detroit almost beat the Cowboys one month ago. I look and hope for a good game tomorrow from Jason Whitten and Tony Romo. If these two great football players are able to click in the right way and at the right time, the Cowboys will easily beat the Washington Redskins on Fox Sports Sunday late game.

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