Sunday, December 02, 2007

December 22 Dallas Cowboys Game On NFL Network

As if last weeks Dallas Cowboys/Green Bay Packers game was not bad enough for millions of fans that were unable to see it, this year the NFL has scheduled another Cowboys' game on a Saturday night and that game will take place on December 22 on the NFL Network. What a wonderful Christmas present, that was, for the the NFL to give Dallas Cowboys' fans. During last Thursday nights game against the Packers, people were lined up outside of bars and restaurants that had access to satellite television just to catch a glimpse of their favorite team playing what was one of the biggest games of the season. The ongoing battle between the NFL and major cable companies over how much money will be paid by those cable companies to carry games on the NFL Network has gone from bad to worse as big named NFL owners and coaches like Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips are running radio and television commercials encouraging fans to dump their cable television company and go with a satellite provider like Direct TV.

From the limited number of people I have talked to about this current NFL/Cable dispute, most people do seem to be blaming the cable companies for this current dispute and I really hate to hear that because I believe it is the NFL that is to blame for the current blackout situation in most cable homes because they are demanding too much money from cable owners and subscribers. On Saturday December 22nd, the Dallas Cowboys will play the Carolina Panthers in the second NFL Network game of the season for the Dallas Cowboys. On that weekend before Christmas, millions of people will be visiting family and friends and for many people that Dallas Cowboys Carolina Panthers football game would be a must watch game if it were being broadcast on regular television. However, the NFL in their infinite wisdom has scheduled that Saturday night game on the NFL Network which only has 35 million homes nationwide currently set up to receive the game.

During that holiday weekend, most likely I will be visiting my sisters house and her cable companies is one of the major ones that are blacking out the NFL Network because of money. Last Thursday night, my sister and her husband visited a local bar and luckily found a good seat to watch the Packers Cowboys game on HDTV. On the weekend before Christmas, I doubt if it will be as easy to find a seat in that same location when football fans will be competing with last minute Christmas shoppers for available seats. I have gone from excited that a settlement would be reached last week to a feeling that it might be years before an agreement is reached between the NFL and major cable providers. Hopefully, next year the NFL Network will pick another team to show twice during their shorten television season. However, I believe that will not happen and more than likely the next few years will provide at least two Dallas Cowboys games on the NFL Network and it is pretty easy to see two New England Patriots games there next year as well.

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