Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Democrats Claim Mike Huckabee Has 'Glass Jaw'

Some national democratic party leaders are silently hoping that GOP candidate Mike Huckabee eventually wins the Republican nomination for President. According to some party insiders, democratic leaders believe that Mike Huckabee has a 'glass jaw' and they are waiting for him to win the GOP nomination before they shatter it. Sometimes it is almost laughable to listen to scared to death politicians talk tough about their political opponents under the cover of an anonymous source or in some other clandestine way. Decades ago the same type of 'trash talk' was generated about another conservative candidate by the name of Ronald Reagan and we all know how successful Democrats were are defeating him. What is happening here is the vast amount of time that these candidates have been working to earn votes is quickly coming to an end early next year. So right now most candidates are acting like 'Humpty Dumpty' because soon all their useless talk will end when voters show up for real and start electing primaries delegates.

Unlike previous presidential election years, both Republicans and Democrats will most likely know who their candidates will be by the first of March, 2008. So rather than spending much needed time with friends and family this holiday season, political operatives are instead trying to dig up dirt on their opponents and calculating the best possible time to release that dirt. The good news is that most Americans know little about any of the potential presidential candidates from either major party. With the exception of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Rudy Guiliani and Fred Thompson - most of the other candidates have little name recognition with most Americans. For Democrats to claim at this early date that they have enough dirt on Mike Huckabee to break his 'glass jaw' at their leisure, tells me that rather than being confident of victory against him - he might just scare them because they remember another conservative by the name of Ronald Reagan that 'wiped the floor' with their party a few decades ago.

Down deep inside I still believe the race for the White House will eventually come down to a Rudy Giuliani/Hillary Clinton match up with Hillary the likely winner. That said, Bill and Hillary Clinton, while very smart politicians, have a tendency to do crazy things that sometimes turn off even regular democratic voters. Proof of that craziness has been shown in recent days as Hillary and Bill have been saying some pretty unbelievable things as Barack Obama has moved up in the polls because of a big boost from Oprah Winfrey. Just this past weekend, Bill Clinton said they he considered telling Hillary early on in their relationship that she should dump him because she was so much smarter, politically, than he was. Whether a person is a Democrat or a Republican they will find it hard to believe those words of former President Clinton when expressed about his wife whom he has cheated on multiple times over their marriage.

It seem like every four (4) years an unknown candidate comes out of nowhere to add spice to a usually boring president campaign. Last time, it was a Democrat by the name of Howard Dean who crashed and burned early on in the primary season. This year the 'oh my' candidate is Mike Huckabee and before even one vote has been cast, some people in both parties are already considering him the ultimate winner. While flirting with lower tier candidate is always a fun exercise, at the end of the day most Americans will come back to the men and women at the top because while flirting can be fun - at the end of the day most of us want a proven leader to protect and lead this country forward.

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