Thursday, December 13, 2007

Democrats Get Friendly Moderator At Debate

I noticed a big difference between how the democratic candidates for President were treated today compared to their Republican counterparts yesterday by the same debate moderator. Why debate moderators wrongly believe they can effected voters by their obvious political jabs is beyond me. Most voters see right thought these media bias' and hold the moderator in low esteem for trying to either hurt or help one side or the other with the types of questions they ask the candidates. Yesterday, the Republicans were treated much more harshly that the Democrats were treated today and that fact made it clear to me that the Iowa debate moderator was most certainly a Democrat.

Some far right conservatives like Rush Limbaugh are fond of saying that liberals believe the rest of us are stupid while they are smart. Maybe he is right about some of these liberals because when a debate moderator tries to play favorites in political debates, that person must think the rest of us are stupid and unable to figure out what they are up to. I am not mentioning the debates moderators name on purpose because I do not want to give this persons any free publicity for doing the wrong thing. Maybe she was just more uptight around conservative Republicans or maybe she is just a political hack who mistakenly believes that she will help out the Democrats by playing favorites with her debate questions. Either way, what she did was wrong and should not be rewarded.

As the GOP and democratic primaries move forward, there will most certainly be other moderators that will either show favoritism to either Republicans or Democrats, but I find it ironic that no democratic candidate for President will appear on Fox News to debate, while all the Republican candidates are willing to show up and be asked questions by moderators that are most certainly Democrats. I believe the fact that democratic candidates are unwilling to be asked questions by Republicans, proves that they are not willing to engage voters that are outside of their small liberal confines, which could be a problem during next years general election. As any great sports figure will tell you, 'greatness comes from playing and being beaten by the best'. Without a willingness to answer tough questions in the democratic primary, democratic candidates are missing a golden opportunity to strengthen their skills before next years election.

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